Data Roaming – Never a facility to be used

International roaming is great gift / service by mobile service providers and is being used widely. But when it comes to the case of data roaming, we get our fingers burned.

Check out the rates mentioned MVR 130 per MB almost a US Dollar of 1MB of data, never affordable.

For Airtel the roaming charge is 20p for 10KB – Yes it’s too high, cannot be used to even any urgent requirments.

Can’t the mobile service providers make it affordable so that users don’t go around searching for local sims.

Update : 24-October-2016 16:12 (IST)

Most of the telecom companies make money from the roaming charges. I have by default disabled data roaming on my iPhone, but again I double check if my data connection is disconnected when I am turning off the flight mode after landing to a different country. I prefer to use Wifi where ever available.

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