Using 3G lavishly could burn your fingers

I am a Dhiraagu mobile user and was very happy when Dhiraagu introduced its 3G services. The services are excellent but I am not happy with the packages offered by Dhiraagu for 3G. I subscribed for the biggest available package which is Mrf 150 per month and has a usage limit of 50mb per month. Every extra kb used will be charged extra.

Yesterday my mobile connection was disconnected, but I was surprised because I had no pending bills. When I called the customer care, I was informed that my current call charges had exceeded my deposit, so my services were temporarily suspended. I was shocked, because usually my monthly bills are much less than my deposits unless I am on International roaming. I decided to go to the Dhiraagu Customer Care and find out the bill details and make the payment as well. Dhiraagu has an excellent customer care. I was explained how the charges came and I was shocked to see my Data charges amounted to Mrf 3800 for last month. I have been using the Data services for the past 4 years and I have getting an average bill of Mrf 500 per month and this month was a shocking for me. Anyway I paid the bill and I got my service back.

I did some research to find out the reason for this. First, could be 3G, the data transfer speed is very much higher than GPRS. Secondly, I had changed my handset from iPhone to Google Nexus One. I was synchronizing my Google account, emails, etc, but even on iPhone, I had my Gmail account synchronized as well as my Microsoft Exchange mail server synchronized.
But still there are something’s which are not clear to me. 95% of my connectivity was through Wireless as I have Wifi connectivity at office and home. I use the mobile data connection only when I am not at home or office.

Dhiraagu should have some packages for power user. Is Dhiraagu just thinking of people who just use 50mb per month. My usage showed 3GB which means that I should not go for Dhiraagu 3G as its too much for me to spend about US$ 300 per month for my data connection.
So, if you are a post paid customer, be sure that you use the 3G service with utmost care. We need to wait and see if Dhiraagu comes up with a better package for power user. I have disabled the data connection as soon as I saw the bill.

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