Elections in India – 2019

Yes, its going to be 5 years since the last parliament elections happened in India, how fast the last five years went !!

Lok Sabha Election dates have been announced, now you will find things moving very fast, new channel debates, alliances, mergers, whats-app videos, and lots of things coming up.

India is the worlds biggest democracy and we all should be proud of that. I feel that we do live in one of the best countries in the world with wide diversity, culture and many more things to say.

Every Indian citizen above the age of 18 has the right to vote, yes please if you have the right to vote, you should go to the polling booth and vote because every right comes with responsibility. You have the responsibility to vote and vote for the right candidate.

Now who is the right candidate ?

I am not making this video to promote any candidate or any political party, but just to ask you to think and decide to vote.

Do a research on the candidates at your constituency and share it with people around you. We want somebody to represent our problems, we are not electing somebody to rule us, but to work for the betterment of the place, country and people.

Before elections, we will see all the candidates coming to our place and asking for vote, but after the results, it becomes very difficult to even go and meet our elected representative.

Next time when any candidate comes and meet you, ask them for what they have done in the past and what they are going to do for the future with all plans and deadlines.

  • We do not want goons / thief / criminal to be our representative.
  • Somebody who can take India to a better level
  • Somebody who will not allow tax payers money to be wasted or stolen
  • Somebody who would be able to give a better future for our coming generation

So you need to be very clear on whom to vote and why should you vote?

Why elections this time would be very different?

  • New Voters
  • Women Voters
  • Young Voters

Earlier when there were no social media or the medium of communication was just news papers or television, we knew very less, but now with the strength of connectivity, most of us can be connected and educated or provided with detailed information. But again there are many who misuse and spread fake or false information.

It is very important that we all think about doing our best to make our country proud, vote for a party person who would work for the betterment of our country, who has a vision for the country.

We can have great connectivity, infrastucture , industries and so on, but a country would be prosperous only if along with all the best facilities, we should have every citizen who is law abiding, who loves his country more than himself.

We all might have come across people in our day to day life where they hardly care for other fellow citizens and do whatever they like even if it is illegal.

Our legal system / judiciary needs a lot of change, we still have lots of corrupt / inefficient people sitting in powerful positions and doing wrong things.

I would not want to generalize things, I know there are really great, honest politicians, bureaucrats, business people and so on, but what we lack is proper system.

Proper systems should be developed to tighten accountability who take up responsibility to serve the nation

So before you vote, you should decide whom to vote and why you feel that person would be the best. If every person does this sincerely , then we should have great people sitting in our parliament and nobody can stop India to be one of the best countries in the world to live.

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