Completed 22,000 kms – Experience with GLC 220D

I have been using Mercedes GLC 220D for about 18 months now driving 22k kms, mostly long trips. Thought of sharing my experience being a Mercedes owner and using a Mercedes SUV. This is a personal GLC 220D user review after using it for so many months.

I was using Toyota Fortuner before I switched to GLC 220D, the reason for upgrade was better comfort and to experience the ownership of a Mercedes car. I do not need to explain much about Mercedes cars as they in this industry for decade, so as they say, the best of nothing, it’s absolutely true.

Mercedes Benz Mysore 0000

Overall Performance of GLC 220D

Excellent, in all segments, comfort, power, driving experience, passenger experience, etc

There are two variants for GLC , 300 and 220D. GLC 300 is the petrol version and GLC 220D is the diesel version. I am using a CBU (Complete Built Unit), imported from Germany, there are some differences in the CBU and the Indian assembled version, which I am not getting into.

Looks – Inside and Outside

Everything is classic, the real C Class look, seats, upholsaries, everything is classic and you will love it. Going to complete 2 years in July 2018, looks brand new. Outside, few small scratches, but take care by 3M protection in Mysore.

Size of the Vehicle

It’s big, longer, wider and heavier than Fortuner, but height is less, you get the advantage of the aerodynamic shape when you go at higher speeds.

Comfort – Driver point of view

The best, everything designed as you wanted, just need to get used to and you will within the first few days. I had some issues when I changed from Fortuner, which I drove more than 55,000km. Seating, head rest, parking, park assist, reverse parking, dashboard, music, everything is what you will expect. I have drove continuously for 18 hours, just with a couple of tea beaks and that too a full night drive. The maximum number of kilometres covered by me alone is 900kms in 11 hours (Trivandrum – Thirunelveli – Salem – Bangalore – Nice Road – Mysore). You do not have to worry much about keeping check about tyre pressure, service due, break pads, or any other maintainace issue. You get warnings if the doors are not properly locked, tyre pressures are low, wiper wash liquid is getting over or fuel is critical. Other interesting one was when I was on a very long night drive, was bit sleepy, the car started giving warning that I need a coffee break, showing a Coffee Mug on the Dash Screen till I stopped and had break before I resumed the trip.

Power of GLC 220D

I never had to use the manual gear shift, overtaking or any other situation, the automatic mode has different settings like the Comfort, Sports, Sports + and personal. I mostly use the comfort mode. I have even tried the off road mode, works really good, you will feel the real difference. Other features like Speedtronic (Limit Maximum Speed), Cruise control are not much used.

Comfort – Passenger Point of View

Excellent, I have experienced as a passenger sitting at the back seat, good leg room, roof space, seating is comfortable for short and long drives.

Maximum Speed I drove on GLC 220D

I have drove at a maximum speed of 180kms / hour in India on a express highway, very cool, it’s not my normal way of driving, just wanted to check the maximum I can go on Indian roads, My usual speed on good highways are between 120-140kms/hr

Customer Service of Mercedes Benz / Akshaya Motors

I purchased my GLC from Akshaya Motors, Bangalore. They do everything to keep you comfortable. Now they have a Sales, Service and Spares facility at Mysore, the first dealership by a luxury car company in Mysore.

Mercedes Benz in Mysore – Akshaya Benz

GLC – Some changes I wish

One of car tyre burst when it hit a rock, just covering 15k Kms, that I cannot blame the car.

Nothing else, I spend about 10 minutes, to find some issues that I should write, sorry nothing more.

Is it worth spending so much on car

The answer depends, as far as I am concerned, I would say, yes, it’s worth, I love driving, I enjoy long drives and I use this car to the max. I had dream to own a Merc and I did it. Over all , a very happy customer of Mercedes Benz, made a right choice of investing for a vehicle like the GLC 220D. I really use this vehicle heavily when I am in India. I spend more than half the year outside India, not continuous (I travel every 15 days in and out of India).

I am planning a road trip on this GLC outside India, don’t know when it would work out.

Anybody, any thoughts comments, please shout on the comment box. You can also contact me using the contact page. Hope this personal GLC 220D user review is useful.

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2 thoughts on “Completed 22,000 kms – Experience with GLC 220D”

  1. Dear Shri Asokan,
    Your video on GLC 220d is very useful as I am also planning to buy the sport trim of the car. I would like to know about the tyres issue as the Merc doesn’t provide spare wheel . Have you purchased a spare wheel as you drive long distances and without spare wheel it is risky .

    • Dear Kaushik Ji

      They do provide with a Donut spare tyre which I have never kept in the vehicle as it takes valuable space. Once had a problem with a tyre, but got it sorted out within 50 minutes by Merc roadside assistance. I have now done 24,000 kms.


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