How responsible are you and what is your level of responsibility?

What does the word responsibility mean? Let us define it in general and then go specific on situation and person to person.

What is sense of responsibility?

To exactly define Sense of Responsibility, I would like to quote


An awareness of your obligations –

Now the next question would be what are your obligations? Your obligations to your family, your friends, your country, people around you and so on.

How does the sense of responsibility differ from person to person?

The sense of responsibility would not be same of a person who is a public figure or a head of an organisation or a very normal person on a street. You cannot compare the sense of responsibility of a 10 year old kid with a 20 year old adult and again a 45 year old father of two kids. This shows that the sense or responsibility goes up propotional to age, experience, position, etc. There are many factors that would impact the sense of responsibility of an individual.

Sense of Responsibility would be dynamic – The sense of responsibility of a person would not be same through out his life, it would be improving in most of the cases. With experiences , maturity, age, you will find a person changing and having a better sense of responsibility. The world around a person would have a strong impact on the person’s attitude and also influences the sense of responsibility of a person.

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