India and Rio Olympics

Sakshi Malik finally got India a Medal at the Rio Olympics on the 12th day. Indian Prime Minister congratulated Sakshi, the first woman in the Indian history to win an Olympic medal in wrestling. Personally my congratulations to Sakshi, and all others who could participate in the event.


India has a population of 1.27 billion as on today, which is 2nd in the world after China. We are far behind China or many other small countries in the world when it comes to sports. Reason, could be many, we need to sit and plan to prepare our next generation at least to complete with the world or future Olympics. It’s years of hard work, training and lots of effort that brings results to countries like China, USA or any other developed country.

In India, we do not give importance to sports, most of the parents wants their kids to focus on studies rather than their interest / capabilities to be good sports person. The mindset of Indian parents / teachers should change and give equal importance / weightage to sports and sports should be taken as profession. Sports persons should be highly paid, given the best facilities to train and all other needs should be taken care.

It’s not the India that we saw 10 years back, India is growing at a very fast pace compared to the rate that other parts of the world is growing. India has more Internet users than the United States, yes check this out. We will have the best sports personalities in the world after 10-15 years, if we are able to

  1. Give equal importance to sports as we give to education
  2. Give world class training facilities, high financial benefits, etc to sports personalities, yes we can afford to have the best facilities in the world if we want to.
  3. Keep politics away from sports
  4. Give chance to kids who are interested to take sports are their career.

We will in coming years have many Olympic medalists. I am sure we are in the right path, the political class should understand this and start. I hope our current Prime Minister @narendramodi will at least initiate things from his side and we do not have to wait for 12 days to get our first medal at least in future Olympics or any other international events.

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