Is Live In Relation Better Than Marriage?

Live in Relation or cohabitation is not a new term or in other words is getting popular these days. Few days back I had written about the advantages and disadvantages of Love Marriage and Arranged Marriagetriggering me to do some research and write about Live In relation. When we talk about Live in relation, the latest popular couples in this list will be Saif and Kareena who are living together. They purchase an apartment in Mumbai for them to live together when they are free from their work. John Abraham and Bipasha Basu is another example. They have been friends for a long time and still they have not decided to get married.


So what is Live In relation or Cohabitation?

According to Wikipedia, Cohabitationis when people live together in an emotionally- and/or physically-intimate relationship. The term is most frequently applied to couples who are not married. A living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together in a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage.


Couples cohabit, rather than marry, for a variety of reasons. They may want to test their compatibility before they commit to a legal union. They may want to maintain their single status for financial reasons. In some cases, such as those involving gay or lesbian couples, or individuals already married to another person, the law does not allow them to marry. In other cases, the partners may feel that marriage is unnecessary. Whatever the reasons, between 1970 and 1990, the number of couples living together outside of marriage quadrupled, from 523,000 to nearly 3 million. These couples face some of the same legal issues as married couples, as well as some issues that their married friends need never consider.

Is Live In relation Legal?

Its legal in the United states and there are a good number of couples in this relation. In India, yes its legal according to a ruling by the Supreme court of India.I am not sure about other countries, I am sure it will be illegal in many countries, but I not going into the countries where its legal and illegal.

Pros and Cons of Live In Relation

Every relation has its own advantages and disadvantages. Live In relation is not much accepted by the Indian society, but has some advantages over marriage.

Cons of Live In Relation

  • In live in relation, the relation is not as strong as a married relation, so the chances of separation are higher than a married life
  • Children could be more effected in case of live in relation because the chances of separation is more in Cohabitation.
  • As this relation is not much accepted in the society, the support from the society or even from the parents are relatives may not be the same in the case of marriage.
  • Financial co-operation or commitments will be less in live in relation, the reason could be the trust or security is less in this relation

Pros of Live In Relation

  • Less commitment or responsibility
  • Can decide to get married after a period of cohabitation. If the live in relation works well, then they have the option to go for a marriage
  • Will have financial Independence, like mostly we see that couples in live in relation will have personal investment or savings and partnership investment. If the relation is broken, the partners especially the female partner will not be in a dumped situation as she will have her own savings or investments. In the case of marriage we will find, most of the couples have a joint account or mostly everything in the name of the husband.

My Thoughts – Every relation has its own advantages and disadvantages. Even if you are married or just living together, the final verdict depends on the strength of the relation and understanding between the partners. Marriage is a legal approval to live together by the law and the society, but if you are not happy with your partner or you are not able to understand each other, then marriage or cohabitation does not matter. Every relations has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the success or the strength of the relation depends on mutual understanding, sacrifice by both the partners. I stress on both because, I have seen many relation where sacrifice or understanding is seen in only one partner who takes the responsibility to keep the relation live. Such relations in my opinion will have the chance of breaking up any moment when the sacrificing partner feels, Enough is enough. Live In relation could be result of situations where marriage is not an option.

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