Kerala Floods – Need help to rebuild

Kerala, known to be the God’s own country is going through a very tough situation due to the unprecedented rains and subsequent flooding . 

Kishore Asokan – Help Kerala

In 20 days, Kerala got the highest August rains in 87 years and most part of Kerala was under water.

Kerala has about 50+ dams and all had to release water as the water levels were going high.

About 400+ lost their lives and more to be expected, 1000’s still stranded in relief camps, many have lost everything they had.

Kerala had never experienced such a disaster in it’s history

Almost the entire state needs to be rebuilt.

Kerala and it’s people are very strong and I am sure she will come out of this situation soon, but would need a lot of help from all the people in India as well as around the world.

Kerala as a state in India, excels in many indicators like 100% literacy, highest Human development index, first state in the world to become baby friendly, spice garden of India and many more.

Now adding to that Kerala has created history with the kind of rescue operations.

Salute to all the unsung heroes of Kerala involved in the rescue operations, distribution of food and other essentials. Many risked their lives to save others especially the fishermen of Kerala along with the armed forces, police, etc. 

2800 fishermen have been involved in relief effort and have evacuated more than 80,000 people. Kerala Government announced a payment of rs 3000 for fishermen involved in the relief operations, but today I read that the fishermen have refused to take the 3000 rs payment, very proud of them, making me emotional and proud to from the God’s own country.

All the major telecom operators announced that the calls would be free in Kerala.

Foreign ministry announced that all the passports damaged or lost would be re-issued free of charge.

All the relief material coming from out of the country is exempted from Customs Duty and IGST

Tons of help have come in from different states in India, the Middle East and more, but the process of rebuilding the state is going to be a long process. 

The central government did all the possible to help Kerala by providing finances, army and other relief materials. This is just the beginning, we would need a lot for support in the coming days from the government as well as fellow citizens to help as per their capacity.

Now as the water levels are going down, many have started returning to their homes, most of the homes are damaged. Everything needs to be started from scratch. Some may be having money to rebuild what they lost their own and most would need help.

We all need to do everything possible to help Kerala come back to normal. Indian is a country with a population of more than 125 crores. We have 65% of population with the age less than 35, the youngest country in the world. If 10 crores of we Indians contribute Rs 100 each we can contribute 1000 crores. Please send all your contributions directly to the Chief Ministers relief fund. 

It’s not just money, if you are able to contribute anything that could help the needy people of Kerala, please do it at the earliest. There are many collection centres and volunteers organising this, please contact them.

Make sure that you are doing the contributions to the right bank account of the CM of Kerala as there are reports of some frauds playing tricks here too.

One more thing, if you are not able to help, that’s fine, but do not try to create trouble, no body should be allowed take any kind advantage of such disasters to make money or other personal gains, score browny points or no politics here. 

 Don’t increase prices because there is a shortage. Airlines increased fares from Kerala (Jet Airways), this is not fare. Vistara operating the same route for 13K and Jet Airways charging 87K, come on Jet Airways, I am also a Jet Airways loyalty card holder, I will try my best that I never fly jet airways again unless I have no other choices, even if your fare is lower.

To wind up , I repeat, please do whatever you can to contribute your part in rebuilding Kerala, The God’s own country.

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