Love is ageless

Is there any retirement age for falling in love? Many are having the notion that they will stop falling in love as they get older. Can anyone ignore love at their 70’s? Do you agree that love is ageless

Falling in love is easy but its maintenance is difficult.

What is love?

Oh my love is like a red, red rose,That’s newly sprung in June:Oh my luve is like the melodie,That’s sweetly play’d in tune. This is written by Robert Burns in his poem a red, red rose

Love can be used to express different emotions. Sometimes, it is used for expressing lust, affection and attachment. Whatever is the situation, the word love connects the hearts of the people. We can not simply put the depth of the word into few words. It is something like carrying someone’s heart with you.Love doesn’t have age or time limit but love is limit less. Love should be unconditional and ageless, but the desire for love at different age is different. The experience and expectations differ at different age group.

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We can divide lovers into 3 groups:

Young lovers: Teenagers are the young lovers. They don’t need a reason to be in love. Boys or girls are a fascinating subject at teenage.  We can not stop talking about boys/girls. At this age, the pressure to fall in love is intense and love in teens is dreamy. They see spring is in the air and magic everywhere. Love comes easy as well as goes easy. Its more fairy-tale and fantasy-like, where they think that nothing is impossible. Young lovers wanted to be kissed and learn how to be a perfect kisser.

Middle-aged lovers: Love for a middle-aged person? You can not imagine how unhappy mid-lifers are with their marriages.  Are you feeling that this is the time to take the responsibility of the home, making a success in your career graph and having great sex outside marriage. This situation normally occurs in “settled” couples feels “unsettled”, since fear for a divorce is common in this age group. Middle-aged lovers are the most vulnerable group.  There is a craving for emotional intimacy in this lovers. Being in love makes you vivacious and it is to be with someone who is emotionally and sexually attractive. This is the age to find different ways to please and entertain your partner in bed.

What do men and women look for in love at their middle-age? Lovers at this age group look for intimacy, appreciation and communication and not any sort of conflicts. We can keep alive love at this age by indulging in small romantic gestures, giving compliments and showing gratitude to your lover. Men expect their women to be more expressive about their love towards them.

Old-age lovers: Love at this age is more about sharing. Lovers are friends and not sexual partners.

I want to grow old with you attitude will be very supportive to the partners. Lovers need a supporting hand at this age. Physical charm does not have a role here.My experience in love is 19 years old. We were teenagers when I met him on a December day and I simply lost on him.

Now also I experience the same feeling when I meet him after a break. We changed physically a lot and  started getting grey hair but my feel for him is the same or something more than that. He has grown up into a fine man with heavy moustache,  a father with a loving heart and more over he is still my lover. I feel that there is no age for love and sex. It can happen at anytime and in fact, we actually start getting older as soon as we stop falling in love. Loving keeps you young at heart even though the body grows old.

Can you agree that love is ageless?

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