Mercedes Benz GLC 220 D – Sharing my experience driving 30K Kms in India

I have been using this GLC 220D for the past 2 years and have shared my experiences after completing 22K in my last video about 5-6 months back.

I thought of making this video specifically to improve my last video by adding some more information looking into the comments and questions received.

GLC 220D India
GLC 220d – Check out the Star

I am sharing the link of my last video in the description, please check it out for your reference.

Check this if you are interested in a initial review – Completed 2000 Kms in one month – Merc GLC 220d

Sharing my experience driving 30K – GLC 220D on Indian Roads

This video would be helpful for motor lovers and viewers planning to buy this car.

All the information shared in this video is from experiences using this car for 26 months now and I have driven more than 30,000 kms personally.

GLC 220D has become very popular and you can see a lot on the roads in India now. This is the diesel version and you have the petrol version called the GLC 300.

I am one of the very few owners of the Edition 1 i.e the CBU version when it was initially launched in India in 2016.

I will divide this video into the following

  1. My experience as a driver
  2. Service, Maintenance and costs
  3. Features that I miss
  4. Difference Between CBU and CKD
  5. Final thoughts and overall experience 

My experiences as a driver

  • Off-roading experiences – Never gone for a planned off-road drive, but have driven off-road a number times. The off-road mode is really great and worked very well for me. You can find some videos on off reading by GLC in India. I can strongly say that this vehicle can be used for off-road.
  • Long Drives – Covered more than 1000k in a day, never tiring
  • City Drive – Great, being automatic, its never a pain
  • Spare Wheel – I never carry the spare wheel as it takes almost all the space in the boot. 24 x 7 road assistance is great. I had once used the 24 x 7 road side assistance as one of my tyre got burst when it got over a sharp rock, was a great experience 
  • There are 5 modes, I mostly use the comfort mode, a balance of everything. The maximum speed I have driven this car is 185 kms per hour on an expressway. Was very stable and under control, could go more, but our roads don’t support.
  • Some features that I really like
    1. Closing the windows trick
    2. Charging the car remote
    3. 3 memory seat positions 
    4. Mileage – 9-10 kms / litre of diesel
    5. Comfortable for 4, 5 would be ok

So over all as a driver, I love this car, very comfortable, powerful 10/10

Service and Maintenance (Dealers)

I have been dealing with only one dealer that is Akshaya Motors. I purchased this car from their Bangalore dealership. They started a full fledged sales, service and spare outlet at Mysore. 

I give them 10/10 for the kind of service they give.

Now coming to the cost

You need to pay premium price for all the services you get from a premium or a luxury brand like Mercedes.

A service with oil change, filter change which is done usually only after 15k kms would cost roughly 75,000 INR

Brake pads were changed after about 25k.

One thing is great about all these luxury vehicles are you are kept updated about the health of your vehicle. You will be advised to replace parts which are worn out or needs to replaced.

I did not have any other issue other than regular maintenance as per my usage 

Tyres – I guess would give me about 40k kms 

Other costs for maintaining this car

Insurance- You need to take an insurance which would give you the best secure coverage and it would cost you above 2 lakhs in the first year and subsequent years it would come down if you do not have any claims

Some differences that I know about CBU and CKD

  1. 3 Zone Climate control – 2 Zone
  2. Music System – Burmester –
  3. Navigation map not a standard feature
  4. Seat Memories – Head rest adjustment does not work in CKD (Dummy Buttons)
  5. Illuminated Scuff Plates
  6. Wheels are different
  7. Button to close the boot
  8. Paint shades are different

No more CBU are sold now

Few Features that I use 

  1. Checking the tyre pressure
  2. Closing the windows using the remote
  3. Seat Memory

What I Miss

  1. CarPlay 
  2. Better Navigation System
  3. Place to have spare wheel

Overall experience 

It’s a great machine, ideal for city drive, long drive, off road , it would fit

Looking into the driving conditions in India, I feel this vehicle does a great job and is ideal for a person like me.

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  1. You can store the spare tire in the boot, under the tray. As a result you save the boot space for the luggage.However some kind of lashing is required. you can mail me for pictures of same


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