Toyota Fortuner 2012 – 5000 Kms Driving Experience

Few months back, I got a brand new Fortuner 4WD 2012 and I have completed driving 5000 km yesterday during my trip to Bangalore and it’s time for the 2nd free service. Fortuner was my dream vehicle and I was waiting for the 2012 model which has some face lift changes done. I got the new metallic blue color which are see very less on the road. Fortuner was my dream vehicle from the day I saw it on the road few years back. As I was not living in India, I did not want to buy it for my use just during my vacations. Now I still work out of the country, but do come to India every month, so I thought about getting this and enjoy my drives on Indian roads.


My Experience


I really enjoy driving this giant car. I have been driving 4 wheelers for the past 22 years, starting from Ambassador car to small Maruti Swift. I was under the impression that it would be difficult to manage big cars like Fortuner on busy roads / traffic, but after using it for few days, I really do not find that problem any more. This SUV has full time 4 wheel drive, which really does not matter much as I rarely go for off road drives. The power of this vehicle is the best that I have ever driven. It has a 3 liter engine, plenty of space inside, very convenient for long drives which I very often do. You get lot of respect from small vehicles when you drive on busy roads, earlier which I used to drive my swift, I always had to stop and give way to bigger vehicles, but now even though I have the same attitude, I see other vehicles giving way for me, could be because of the size of my vehicle.

During this 5000 kms drive, I never had any kind of problems, drove up to the speed of 150 kms / hour, got excellent braking system, big tires for bad roads and 4WD if you are off road.

You should not expect a good mileage from a car with 3 liters engine and this kind of power, gives me around 10kms / litre, which is fine for me. My earliest Swift Diesel was giving me around 18 kms / litre on long drives and it is also a very powerful car. It has many features like ABS, Airbags, Rear Gear Camera, Good DVD player, etc. I got some extra fittings done to enhance the look and I really liked the fender mirror which is useful for parking in a congested place.

I had a very good experience with the Toyota sales and service guys. I am really happy with my investment and look forward to use for some more years till I get to see my next dream vehicle.

Have you driven a Fortuner ? What’s your take on this vehicle ?

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