What’s your choice?

Let’s talk about choices. When we search for a route on google maps or any other navigation application, we are given different options, we can choose the best suited. But many times, you are given just one option, so you do not have choices.

There are many born lucky to have choices, some are not.

But lets take a different thought. Now when you do something wrong and then go back and rethink, are there situations when you had realised that there were some other options, but that did not come in your mind?

Yes it has happened to me and I am sure that it happens to everybody.

Let me conclude by saying that, even for a split of second you feel that you do not have any other choice, before taking a decision, just take some time or think in a different way, you may get some better choice.

What’s your thought on this? Could be you feel that I am thinking too much?

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