School to College – Finished my studies before 18

Every person would have some interesting and inspiring stories in life like I have, some decide to keep it just by themselves, some share with with near and dear ones and people like me would love to share it to a wider audience. I had posted an introductory video last week explaining the reasons for sharing my real life stories, please check that out, if you have not watched. If you find it interesting, please subscribe so that you would never miss it.

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In this video, this video the real life stories would be from my school and college times.

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How and at what age I learned to drive a scooter?

My father had owned a Vijay Super Scooter, and I used to start the scooter for him when ever possible when he goes out. I was always was waiting for the day when my legs would touch the ground when I sit on the seats, at least one leg. I would very carefully watch my father driving it when I was riding with him and was very clear about how to drive.

One day I realised that I can manage to stay on the Scooter and one leg on the ground and the other one on the brake. My father would go out for evening walks everyday with one of his friend and I thought that was the best time for me to try my first drive and I did it the very next day. I start the scooter, get on it, balance and change to gear no 1, then release the clutch and move. This is done in the verandah of our quarters. We had long verandah about 30 meters or so, I could change till the second gear. I did this everyday for about a week and one fine day, I decided to drive out on the road in front of our house which did not have much traffic, it was military area and no fear of civil police too. I drove from 1st gear to 2nd and then 3rd and then 4th. After about 200 meters, I saw my father and friend walking. I decided not to stop and even not to look at them, just drove. My father did not see me, but his friend saw me, and told, your son started driving scooter.

My father said, no no, then his friend told, look at that, it’s Kishore, my father turned and was shocked.My father when he returned from the walk and he asked me, but did not scold, instead, he helped me practice by sitting behind me when we used to go out together. I was just 14 years old.

Why did I score only less marks in my Xth Grade / Only 54% CBSE ?

The answer is simple, I did not study well. I was always one of the best students till the grade 9, but I did very bad compared to my previous years.

Now let me come to a reason – My father had a stroke and was hospitalised and it took about a year for him to fully recover. We all were going through tough time, my mother did not ask to study, my father was also not able to check if I was studying and I was so happy. I was always studying all these years, only because my parents used to keep a check on me. My mother used to sit with us and help us in our studies and we did always did well.

The results came and I just got 54%. I did not get a first class, that’s above 60%. All my cousins had got, but me. I was told Grade X is very important and I did bad, that’s the end.

My father after about a week’s from the results came, called me and told, you are going to study D Pharm, you do not need to study grade 11 or 12, directly you are going to join the Diploma, become a Pharmacist, and go to work or start a pharmacy, You finish you studies in next 2-3 years, done.

Great, I was happy that my studies burden would be over in next 2 years

But on the other side, I never did not know anything about the course, I wanted to be an Engineer, but I cannot tell this to my father because I did very bad in my 10th Standard. I had to do what my father decided for me.

My College – IIPT Nashik

How did I decided to become a Pharmacist ?

This is how I decided to be a Pharmacist, it was not my passion, but I was given only this as an option.

Daily commute to my college

I lived in Deolali Camp army quarters, which was about 4 kms from Deolali Market bus stand which I used to travel using my bicycle, then take a bus from Deolali Camp bus stand to Nashik Road, then another bus to Dwaraka bus stand and walk about 3kms to my College which was situated on the Agra Road.

Working and Studying

My First Salary

Interest in going for the Degree in Pharmacy

Why I stopped my studies and decided to start my business?

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