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I do meet a lot of people personally and I get lots of messages, questions related to my profession, my blog posts, videos that I make and publish on my YouTube Channel. I have two channels where I post videos regularly. One channel is focused on Travel, Food and Destinations and the other one is on my personal experiences.

Most of the people who I connect with are unknown to me and they know about me through my work. I find most of the people very motivating and in between I find frustrated friends too which is very natural. I take all the comments / feedback very positively and try to improve if I am convinced. I am a person who believe that there are no shortcut to success and hard work would pay off some day, keep working and don’t get demotivated. I have done lots of mistakes, but make sure that i learn from my mistakes.

After almost one year of video blogging, I started getting more such kind of appreciation and many told me that they feel inspired listening to what I do and they also want to do similar things. People walk up to me and ask if I am Kishore and they say that they watch my video and they have subscribed to my channel, which makes me feel really good. Some ask me for guidance and other help which I feel very happy to do and I do everything possible from my side.

I recently got an idea of sharing some of my life stories which I feel would be inspiring to many youngsters. 

Now, you may be thinking, what is great about your life ? 

Some reasons that I feel that I should share some of my real life stories , even I would suggest that everyone should do that for some simple reasons.

I am not saying that i have great achievements, but when I look back starting from my schools days, I feel that my life had some interesting ups and downs, I did many mistakes, I learned a lot from my mistakes and I feel that I should share with others. 

When I went back thought about my childhood, schooling, my perspectives changed a lot. Example – I used to feel irritated when my parents / teachers used say don’t do this, or do that, now I understand why they did it?

Sharing life story is a good way to start a new conversation and I would suggest you guys to develop a habit of writing down your life stories and share it. I can be a blog or a vlog like what I am doing.

If I can be an inspiration to one person in the world, I feel good about that.

I would just list out a few things in my life that I feel that my life is a bit different from a normal life

  1. Firstly I would want to say that as on today, I work as CEO of a healthcare company with almost 200 employees, which includes doctors, specialist and super specialist doctor and many other professionals from different countries. I am working for this company for almost 17 years now.
  2. I used to do part time job from my age of 15
  3. Now let’s go back to my 10th standard results, I just got 54% and I ended my first phase of education at the age of 18. 
  4. At the age of 19, I started my own business, gave employment to 10 others.
  5. At the age of 21, I started paying income tax
  6. I was always curious about gadgets, technology. I created the first internet village in Kerala
  7. I was using emails since 1998-99
  8. I went to college again at the age of 30 and did software programming from an American University – Carnegie Mellon Pittsburgh 
  9. I did a 3 years online project connecting about 2000 youngsters who earned good working from their home.
  10. As I mentioned, I love traveling and I travel a lot for personal and official reasons. I have flew about 500 International flights.

Connecting all these dots, I have many interesting stories of success and failures which should be interesting to many of you guys

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For the start, in this post, I would just give a brief outline of my early days

Childhood and Family background 

I was born in a typical Indian middle class family, father a central government employee and mother housewife. My mother was a convent educated graduate, but decided NOT to got a job to look after the family. 

Our only source of income was my father’s salary and we were brought up in the best possible way with that limited income

Schooling and early days

My father used to get transferred to a be city every 3-5 years and we used to get relocated. 

Transfer Order, then packing, farewells from close friends, TC from school, then a new city. New school, new friends. Like these days we did not have Facebook or WhatsApp or even emails or not even mobile phones or again no land lines, the only possible way to communicate was to write letters. 

Me and my sister always studied in the same schools, I was one year elder to her. We studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya / Central Schools. We did not have any admission problems as we were kids of a person serving the government of India. I studied in

  • KV Bangalore 
  • KV Pune
  • KV Dehu Road
  • KV Deolali / Devlali (Nashik)

Pre schooling was in Bangalore 

Central schools were great, was a good training, high priority was given for studies and discipline. It was somewhat army style. 

Growing up in a multicultural environment 

We were lucky to grow up in a multicultural environment. I had friends from different parts of India. My Kerala tiffin would be of high demand among the North Indians and I always had food from my punjabi or Gujarati friends. We experienced each other’s culture, language, traditions etc. This kind of my bringing up had a big role in my personal development.

We used to stay in government quarters/colony, kids come out to play as and when we could. We went to each other’s house to have food and play. 

Unlike the current generation, we have more of real friends rather than digital friends. 

That was a brief introduction about my early life and reasons to share my real life stories. Stay tuned, I will be posting more in coming days.

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