Self Improvement

Improving Productivity during lockdown

Are you having some extra time because you are not going to your office or work, so you are not driving and spending hours in traffic jams. May be you are working from home and definintly you have more time and you might be Most of us are having some extra time as we are …

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Chat with Mr Gurudutt – Thotada Mane

Do, what you love to do, live your life, your passion should be your profession. These are the realities that I believe in and has always tried to reach and sustain there. I always tell my friends, try to covert your passion to your profession, make your living by doing what you love to do. …

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The Other Side of Vlogging – Hate Comments

I have been active on social media, blogging and now  vlogging. The best things about being active online are You can see tons of pages when you google yourself Can connect and meet like minded interesting people around the world Can contribute to different causes Can make some money if you plan your business model …

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Things that I learned from my own mistakes

make money youtube

Everybody in this world makes mistakes, some repeat it again , some learn from their mistakes and some keep repeating it till they make their last mistake of forgeting to breath. Here are some lessons that I learned from my own mistakes Hey friends, this is Kishore and you are watching Kishore Vlogs 1. Nothing …

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Training users

As an organisation hires new staff or promotes existing staff or introduces new procedures / systems, there would arise a need for training the users. Training the users will help the organisation in ensuring better work output and avoidance of errors which might be costly and incur actual financial loss. Depending upon the size of …

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Managers Training Session – AMDC HR Initiative

We had a wonderful session for our AMDC management team, done by Mindfields Inc, Maldives. The session was organised at Salt restaurant conference hall.It was more of a evaluation and data collection process for deciding on a customised training program. The session was handled by Ms Zuruwath MajidThe tasks given to the participants were interactive …

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