Are Women Happier as Homemakers?

The question is, are women happier as homemakers than career women? The decision is influenced by many factors like  your financial as well as family back ground, your choice to pursue your career or remain a homemaker.

Earlier, we were following a joint family system and many people were around to look after the kids. Now a days the family system broken down into nuclear families with one or maximum two kids and none of the parents of the couples around, the working woman really finding it very difficult to find a suitable balance between homemaking and her career.


What is homemaking?

Homemaking is the clever management of your household. It is not only serving delicious food, picking up nice smelling pretty flowers but taking your own precious time to make everything and everyone at home feel comfortable. I am sure this is a lubrication given to the smooth running of the home. Homemaking gets the preference until there is a child at home to look upon you.

Who is the homemaker?

A wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family income. The title is somehow  assigned to woman only. In the earlier system man was the principal authority, who works for the bread and woman was the manager to look after the kids and managing the home.

Now most of the women on the run to pursue their career since they have the feeling that they have spend 15-17 years to study and want to make use of it for their benefit. Many women wanted to stay back as housewife but  forced to work due to financial reasons likewise many wanted to work but forced to stay  back as homemakers due to their requirement at home.  Many are coming back to homemaking after few years of career and vice versa. Working woman has to depend on either a good housemaid or a crèche’ to put her kid and it is not worth spending on it as long as no good crèche or trustworthy housemaid is available,especially in India.   Now the trend is working from home along with homemaking. An ideal solution for the career oriented homemakers.


  • Homemaking is one of the roles of women.
  • Life wont be divided between homemaking and career.
  • It is good as long as there is a child at home.
  • Don’t miss any precious moments with your child.
  • No hassles in life since man is the bread winner.
  • Can enjoy the afternoon nap, shopping, movie, etc. and  in fact,  getting everything in life.
  • Can accompany your child when he/she goes for the extra curricular activities like dancing, painting, music class, karate, etc.
  • Can assist your child in doing home works, be a partner for his/her games, etc.
  • Can be the mentor to the kid

Career Women:

  • Financial independence.
  • Can socialize with the same type of crowd.
  • Can help the partner in making the home beautiful.
  • Can look after yourself better and no need to kill yourself.
  • Updated with latest information on many things.
  • Work longer hours than homemakers.

Work from Home:

With modernization, women want to work. Working gives you financial freedom. This leads to the concept of work from home. Many don’t want to leave home for work due to many reasons and this concept is well suited to them. It need not be a full time job, still it is flourishing across the world with the high use of internet. The success depends of the proper blend of homemaking along with work. First of all you have to find your interest and choose a career accordingly.

Ihad worked as a full time teacher in an international school for 10 years  and left my job last year, since my daughter was ready for schooling. We personally didn’t want to leave the kid with a maid servant and decided to quit the job. In the beginning I had gone through severe problems in adjusting my life to the new role, even though the decision was taken voluntarily  but now i enjoy the life as a mother than a teacher in the school. When it comes to spending, i just think if i were working i could have gone for it. Otherwise i am pretty fine with the new role.  The bonding with the kid is changed in one year and she is quite happy seeing me around whenever she wants me. The time spending with her, i feel that, is qualitative even though i am doing a small business from home. The work doesn’t take much of my time since i am managing everything through phone calls. In fact,  i am getting everything now in small lots.

Experts say that most of the career women are voluntarily leaving their jobs after they get kids. The main reason is they want to spend time with their kids. Whether you are a homemaker or a career woman, what matters is the quality time you spend with your kid and not the quantity time.  Once you decided to be a homemaker and spending your time chatting with your neighbor or watching TV instead of attending your kid, when he/she  is around is not the quality time but it is purely the quantity time. Working from home gives you flexible working hours, informal job from home, change in the work style as well as you can look after your kid also. The success depends on the proper balancing of home as well as career.

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