Chat with Mr Gurudutt – Thotada Mane

Do, what you love to do, live your life, your passion should be your profession. These are the realities that I believe in and has always tried to reach and sustain there. I always tell my friends, try to covert your passion to your profession, make your living by doing what you love to do.

I met Mr Gurudutt at my favourite place to eat near Mysore, Thotada Mane, which means Farm house in Kannada. A very different concept, I was really impressed and would take my friends there. Same as the food served, I love the environment, ambiance and the people around.

I did a video which shares a very inspiring story of a man who was an IT person, quit his job, came back to his roots, changed his passion to his profession.

Watch the entire video, share it with your friend / social media. We need to learn from such examples.

There are many who are forced to do what they hate. Kids are forced by parents / teachers to study which they are not interested. We need to understand that every person has different interests, passions, etc, so it should be left to the individual to decide. It is very important to understand that you need to find out a way to make your living with your passion.

Share you thoughts friends.

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