How To Plan Your Day?

In today’s world most of us have a very busy schedule and we often feel that 24 hours a day is not sufficient to complete our daily work. We can try to sort out this time issue by planning our day and prioritizing our tasks. You need to spend time for your work, which can be official related to your full time job, personal tasks or jobs, time for yourself, time for your family, social activities, time to do some exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit and very important, sleep.

Official work or full time job

Many individuals, including me, who have very responsible posts and who do not have a fixed working hours face the problem of allocating time for their personal work or anything other than regular job. Many times I get calls from my office and may have to go to my office and sort out the issue as I have to give high priority to my work as I am holding a very responsible post and this is expected from my Company. Still I need to manage time for my personal and family needs. May be I may have to postpone tasks which are of low priority and give importance to high priority tasks. In such cases I prioritize events or tasks and work accordingly.


Its very important that we give sufficient time to our family and spend some time dedicated to them. People who have a fixed working hours, will not have any problem doing this, but again as I mentioned, some individuals who hold posts which are of high responsibilities may face problem in giving sufficient time for their family. But we need to try our best and plan our time in a way to dedicate some time for our family and personal work.

Social Activities


We need to have social relation, go to our friends and relatives place, build good relation, invite them to your home, go out for dinner, picnic etc. You should plan some time for this. You do not need to do this every day but at least during weekends.

Personal Work

What I mean by personal work is for example, you have a blog and you need to do some posts or spend some time reading the comments and replying to them, you need to allocate some time for this everyday. This is again very important


Very important, make sure that you sleep at least 6-8 hours a day. You need to make sure that you have sufficient sleep. So its again left up to you to decide how many hours do you need to sleep, but make sure that you sleep the same number of hours every day. Some people are comfortable sleeping 5-6 hours and some 7-8 hours. I sleep 6-7 hours a day but sometime I am not able to do this, which really spoils my day. When I do not have my regular sleep, I have problems with my appetite, memory and concentration. Its like restarting a computer, when you sleep and wake up, you feel fresh and can work more efficiently. Sleep is very important for health and should be treated with high priority.


Health is something which you should take care even if you feel that you are healthy and you do not have any disease. To be healthy, you need to keep your body fit, do exercise regularly, go for a walk, have regular fitness checkup. You need to find time for this and should be treated as a high priority task. If you are not healthy, then there is no point in working hard and making money. I had read an article which was written by a businessman who is now at the retirement age. He has been working whole his life and earning lot of money. He did not have time keep himself fit, now he has money but he is suffering from all sorts of health problem. Money is important, but without good health, you cannot make use of the money you have. Make money and make sure that you are using the money for you, for improving your lifestyle.I just discussed some factors related to planning your day and giving priority to your personal, official, social needs. Prioritizing all these needs are left up to you, but you should keep in mind that all these are basic needs to keep our self healthy and fresh to keep continuing our life.I will be coming up with a post soon on how can we manage our time efficiently and the tools that we can use to manage our time. I use the best to get the best our of myself. Try to work using the best tools which can save time and we get the full output for the time we spend. .To summarize, Prioritize your tasks, fix a deadline to a task and make sure that you meet the deadline for all your tasks.

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