Importance of discipline to maintain integrity

This is a story about my friend Ramesh who  is a marketing person by profession. He was working in a retail outlet in India. After a lot of struggle he got a job as a sales person in one of the biggest chain of Watch retail outlets in the Middle East. He was hard working and he proformed well. In 2 years time, he could become a store manager which was a big achievement.

Being a store manager, he had more responsiblilities and had big team working under him. As a sales person he could perform well, but when he was elevated and given more responsibilities, he started getting some trouble. He was having problems with his team. He always had an insecure feeling. People who would just listen to him and obey his orders and keep him pleased were good for him and the juniors who had better views or had a different way of thinking were always a trouble for him.

Other problem with Ramesh is Discipline!

He makes rules which he himself breaks and expects his team members to follow. Golden rule for a team leader is never break rules that you set for others to follow.

He would do things in a way which would question his integrity.

He was not a fair team leader. He was treating his team members differently. Somebody who questions would be a bad salesman and somebody who follows his instructions and pleases him would be a good salesman.

He would do wrong things and try to get support of his favourite team members and would do favour in turn.

Now this is a real story, Ramesh had to quit the job because the top management came to know about the issues and they fired him

Managing a team is a tough job. You need to have strong qualities, integrity and discipline to be a team leader. You should make your team comfortable at work, give them the freedom to display their skills and do appreciate if they perform. Never feel insecure if you find any of your team member performing well. Don’t do any favours to any of your team member because if you are doing anything more for any of your good performing member then do it with a feeling that it is your responsibility and that person deserves it.

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