Why and How Spend Time with Elderly People ?

It took me many years of maturity and experience to realise that time is running out and I need to spend some quality time with my parents and other elderly people with whom I had a lots of childhood memories.

It is very natural that we do not understand the importance or we do not even think about this topic when we are struggling for survival or get settled in life. In today’s world, it is very difficult to manage time properly to create a balance between professional and personal life.

Spending time with Elders – Why and How ?

Why should we spend time with elders ?

We get to a chance to talk to people who are from an earlier era and they had a very different life compared to us.

We get to understand more about our own family tree.

Most of our parents or grandparents are living without any purpose in life. We can help them understand that everybody irrespective of their age should have a purpose in life till the last day of the life or life would be boring.

As youngsters, we do have the responsibility to give a good quality life to the elders around us, play with them, take them out and so on.

One very important thing that we all should realise that we are also going to be old and we should think how we would need to be treated when we are old by our kids or grandkids.

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