Tips to stick to your diet plans

If you are on a specific diet, you need to keep going until your achieve your goals. Here are some tips to stick to your diet plans have less chances of quitting midway.

I believe that you might have heard or read that “We are what we eat”. At different stages of our life we need to take serious decisions when we find that we are getting into trouble or we need to change. One of such decisions which many of us take after a routine health check up or some other medical or personal reason is to change our diet plan.

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These days we find lifetime health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol levels, fatty liver, hypertension, etc very common at a very early age. This could be for many known and unknown reasons, but the fact is we are now more aware and concerned of our health conditions.

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Coming to the topic, it’s very important that to get full advantage or result of any diet plan we need to follow the prescribed intake, exactly the way it is. We also have to make sure that we follow every instruction till we achieve our goals or it could be lifetime. Our diet plan should be well defined and we should know the what, how much, when, how long of it.

Tips to stick to your diet plans – Motivate

Once you switch to a new diet plan, you would definitely start feeling tired, craving and many more reasons to quit your diet plan. Stay focused and dedicated. Self decipline is very important during such programs. You can motivate yourself by checking your body weight periodically. Seeing positive results will definitely motivate you to go through the hard path.

Motivate yourself with short term goals

You should set short and long term goals. As you see achieving short term goals, you would work toward your long term goals. There would be long term goals like nutrition, excercise, weight, etc, but you should have short term goals to achieve your long term goals. For example, you plan to reduce 15kg, then you should have this goal divided into short term goals. You can have a short term goal of reducing 2kg a week. Other example would be like if you have long term goal of doing 40 minutes of cardio every day. You can start of with week 1 of doing 20 minutes of cardio 3 days a week.

Maintain a food journal

It would be interesting to maintain a food journal. Always carry it with you and take some time after you eat to write down what you had. You can go through these notes when you feel like quiting. You should note down everything what you eat with time, location and even what you were doing while eating. You may be watching TV or reading a book while eating. There are many smartphone apps which can help you maintain a food journal. You can end describe how you felt while you were eating, happy, angry, frustrated, etc.

Avoid eating outside

It is a difficult situation when you go out for eating and you do not get the exact food that you want to eat. More over you are not sure of all the ingredients that are used in a hotel. Cooking your own food at home would be the best when you are on a specific diet program.

Join groups of motivated people on diet or fitness programs

Once you are on a diet program, your friends and other who interact with you would start talking to you about your changes and even ask help to provide them with more information. This really would be very motivating for you. When you hear something from others about the changes that you are able to make, you get really motivated. Its always good to join groups with similar interest to keep yourself motivated.

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Hope these tips would help you. Please shout your comments below.

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