Use the best to be the best

The title seems bit confusing, but what I want to explain in this post is to get the best out of yourself, you need to use the best tools.

I always try to keep myself updated with the latest products and take the advantages of the new technology.

My Laptop
I change my laptop every year, this is not because I have money, but to get the best out of me. I was using a Compaq with 512mb ram for about an year, but towards the end, I felt that its not enough for me. Now I have upgraded my laptop to a Lenova, with 2mb ram and Vista as the operating system. What’s the advantage of this? Yes I can feel the advantage, I can work more efficiently and save a lot of time. Instead of spending long time in editing the images that I need to upload to my blogs or even when it comes to my project works and developments.


I use a HTC TyTN as my phone and pocket pc. I use Push Email from Microsoft, through which I get my emails as soon as it arrives at my server. I do not miss any email or there is no delay in replying to the emails sent to me. I was using a Gmail account for my mails, but now I forward all the emails to my Exchange Account and I get it instantly. I can reply these mails from my HTC TyTn or if its not urgent, I can handle that later. My contacts, calendar always synchronized. Suppose I add a contact in my pocket pc, its immediately updated on the server and when I open my laptop I find it there also.
Last time when I changed my phone from O2 Zinc to the recent one, I just needed to configure the server information of my Exchange account and within minutes I got my contact, emails, calendar, task updated on my pocket pc. I cannot imaging entering all the contacts (I have more than 1000) manually. I do not have time for that. I work almost 16-18 hours a day and I still feel its not enough.

What I mean to say in this post is that you can manage with tools which are old or less efficient, but to get the best, you need to use the best. You should try this, you will see the difference in your output

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