The Other Side of Vlogging – Hate Comments

I have been active on social media, blogging and now  vlogging. The best things about being active online are

  • You can see tons of pages when you google yourself
  • Can connect and meet like minded interesting people around the world
  • Can contribute to different causes
  • Can make some money if you plan your business model well. I will not go into this as it is a topic which needs to be explained in depth which I would do separately

Now dealing with hate comments / trolling and so on

There are more people around us who are jealous, demotivating, negative thinkers and would not want to see you doing well. There are few who would wish well for you. This should always be in your mind and move forward.

How do I deal ?

  1. Ignore them
  2. Some may take your reply positive and they many change, that should be a great success for you.
  3. Don’t read or spend time going through the negativity or you would just quit.

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So if you are going to expose yourself on social media platforms, you have a choice to deciding the level of exposure that you would want to. I do not talk about my family or get them involved in any of my social media / online posts or videos. I respect their privacy and I want to keep this to myself and only myself.

I do get upset when I read abusive comments from my visitors / viewers but again as mentioned above, I have now learned to handle haters whether it is online or offline.

Let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear it.

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