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I travel a lot and three months back, a travel YouTube video provoked me to activate my YouTube channel and post all my travels / trips on YouTube, which could be interesting and I could have all these hosted at a reliable service so that I can watch it even after years. I started on with my iPhone X camera and my iPad to edit the videos. I got really some good response for some of my videos and my Subscribers started growing. This was a great encouragement for me and started putting more effort to improve my video shooting and editing.

To take my videos to a higher level I got these tools

  1. Sony FDR x3000 – Which is a 4K action camera
  2. Canon G7X – Which is a very simple video blogging camera
  3. Final Cut Pro – Good editing software for Mac / Started using for a week now, you can notice a significant change in my video quality.

I have been bit silent or not so regular in posting on my blog, which has been taken care. Now a days I do post regularly. I usually do a write up of all my videos and provide a link on the YouTube video page so that if any viewer wants more information, they can find it on my blog post.

Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel for my future updates. You can also browse through my videos which could be interesting for you.

  1. Maldives the Place I work and live
  2. Mysore – The Heritage City
  3. Technology Updates
  4. Destinations – My Travels Videos

I will be adding up more categories in future.

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