Why I use Apple Watch? I have been using for 2 years now

Advantages of Apple Watch is explained as per my usage for the last 2 years now. I never had thought that I will go for a Apple Watch when one of my friend used to talk to me about the calories he burned, the steps he moved and so on. He was not using Apple Watch, but as I was a iPhone user and Apple fan, Apple watch came in my mind and decided to buy one when the next version releases, that was Apple Watch series 2. I got it ordered in India through Ebay, but had to pay a good price and did not get the colour I wanted, but I decided to buy one at the earliest, did not have the patience to wait.

Advantages of Apple Watch

Keep Motivated on burning calories and my regular work outs

I make sure that I have my Apple Watch when I go to the Gym or any other work out. I hardly remove it for charging for 30 minutes everyday when I go for my morning shower. Other than that, I wear it all the time. I keep watching the calories burned, my heart rate during working out and cardio and so on. ‘ It motivates me to workout as per my training program.

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I don’t need to pick up my phone all the time or even take it out from my pocket

I can check who is calling me or who sent me a message by just looking at my Apple Watch, I wear it when I sleep, so when morning alarm beeps, I just can snooze it as many time I want or even stop it. Most of the notifications can be handled by the Apple Watch and you can even reply to messages with short templates messages, that’s a great and highly used feature by me and most of the users.

I can answer urgent short calls if the surroundings permit

If I need to answer a call while working out or anytime if the surrounding is fine.

Powerful, Search Engine Friendly and more

I can control music when I am working out

Remote controlling is another feature of Apple Watch. Not just music, you can remote control Apple TV, Camera as well as you can use Siri to set things on your iPhone.

Login to your Mac without password

Auto Unlocking a Mac using Apple Watch

Lastly to check the time

I stopped using watch when I started using smart phones, I felt that to just time keeping, I don’t need a watch. But now, Apple Watch does much more than that. You do not have to look for your Smart Phone for check the time if you have a Apple Watch with you.

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The more you use, you will love this device, there are many advantages of Apple Watch, I have listed most which I have experienced

Shout out if I have missed any.

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