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I have been working with search engine optimization for a few years now and I was really inspired by the Google algorithm to output the search results. The SERPs of Google are really interesting and most of the webmasters and SEO experts try the best to reach the top ranking in Google as Google is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web. Google can grow a site without limits and give traffic to websites which rank on top on high traffic generating keywords.

How can a website or a web page get into the top rankings in the SERPs?

Google algorithm to display the Search Engine Result Page is not a clear or a written public document, but through different experiments and experience, many SEO experts are successful. It can be a White hat SEO technique or a Black hat one. It’s very important that webs masters go through the Google webmasters guidelines before using techniques to get on top of the SERPs. Websites who try to get on top using tricks are mostly penalised and removed from Google’s search index.

The question above is to be answered clearly yet and I do not have an exact solution for this question. You can find various tips and to get on the top, but keywords with high value are very difficult to break. It’s just not machines which do the ranking, but even humans get involved into this. A small loop hole in the algorithm can manipulate the search results and many try and succeed in this. This success is not permanent as there are, as I said, humans who keep checking the sites ranking top on high valued keywords. It will be very easy to get on top for keywords or key phrases which are not searched commonly, but to get on top of high valued keywords is really a tough job and only deserving websites get on this.

I am not planning to explain the steps to get on the top of the search result pages in my post, but this post is just to start off my keyword analysis series of post. I have been analysing search results on Google for the keywords related to my sites and have found many interesting information which are worth discussing. There are many factors that decided the result ranking on the SERPs like the website pagerank, information on the page, keyword density, backlinks, anchor tags, Google trust, age of the website, category of the website, and many more which I do not know and many nobody knows other than Larry page or Sergy Bin who had developed the Google pagerank algorithm as their project at Stanford University. This original pagerank algorithm has been modified many times to improve the search result ranking, again through the research team in Google. Many spammers have been successful in breaking the algorithm loopholes in the past and Google spam expert like MattCutts are continuously working on such problems.

I will be posting a series of posts which will be taking up a top search keyword or key phrase and analysing the results on Google search results. My plan is to take 100 very high valued keywords / key phrases and 50 less valued keywords.

Powerful, Search Engine Friendly and more

What will be covered in the analysis?

Pagerank of the webpage

Most of the webmasters believe that pagerank has very high importance in manipulating the search results, so I feel this is to be of high priority. I will be using the Google toolbar to get the pagerank of the web page

Pagerank of the website, if the result page is not the home page or the index page – There are many websites which have their home page with high pagerank and no other pages have any pagerank. Some sites have pages with high pagerank and they have a low pagerank for the main page. I have this on one of blog

Backlinks to the page from related sites

Its believed that backlinks play very important role in Google SERPs, let’s check this out

Tags used in the backlinks – There are many tags used with a link which is also very important, so we need to study on that

Link analysis

We need to find if the links are paid links or real natural links, again this is a very tough job, but I am sure we can do that and I will be needing your help in this regard

Backlinks to the page from irrelevant sites

Is the site successful in breaking Google’s algorithm or if it’s a spam? We find many links with a text like Web Hosting and when we click on the link it goes to a gambling site.

Content and information related to the search keyword / key phrase on the webpage

For example, I am doing the analysis of the Key phrase “Search Engine Optimization” and I do expect some amount of information. We will be analylizing the content to see what is the amount of information provided on the page which Google has ranked on the to?

Category of the website

Does category of the website plays any important role in SERPs. For example, I have a blog which has pages related to cricket, football, SEO tips and we get my page on top of the website which is fully dedicated to the key phrase

Age of the website

Its debated that the age of the website or domain has some importance in the SERPs, but how much is the question?


What is the amount of traffic that website or webpage has, again its difficult to get, but I am sure that I will be able to get this information. If you have some information in this, please do post it as a comment

Alexa ranking

We can check if Google Ranking has any relation with Alexa ranking

Source of the content

Content duplication is something Google is against but I see that many websites which copy content from the original website which has a low pagerank or importance gets on top.


Is the content copyrighted material or not

Unique Content

If the content is unique or it’s the same information which are available on 1000’s of web pages

Site update frequency

Is the site updated frequently or what reliability of the result is. For example, if you search for the latest pagerank update on Google, you will get results showing the pagerank update 3 months back. These are the points that have come in my mind and its appreciated if you can add up some

If you know any top keywords which can be included for this analysis, please inform me so that I can take up that particular keyword and include in my post. I will be analysing the top 5 search results with the most available information with respect to Search Engine Optimization

I am starting my analysis with the key phrase “Search Engine Optimization” which will be posted this week. Your comments are anticipated

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