Apple Watch Series 2 – Buying in India

Apple announced that Apple watch series 2 would be available in India on the 7th of October as per Apple India website and also I got a confirmation from Apple support on tried different Apple stores in different cities in India like Mangalore, Bangalore, Panjim and Mysore.

Very sad that none of these stores had any stock and they were not even able to give a confirmed date too.

I searched online and found that it was listed on Flipkart with a tag “Coming Soon”


The status above is as on today.

On 20th October, I searched E-Bay India and found Apple watch listed and delivery time about 7-10 days. I placed the order and made the payment. As per the confirmation, I should be getting the watch shipped before the 27th October.

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Apple watch is also out of stock in Maldives, Singapore and Malaysia. I tried with friends who traveled to these countries during the last 10 days. I understand that Dubai is the only place where we can get and the seller from E-bay is also getting it shipped from Dubai.

Eagerly waiting for Apple Watch Series 2 – Space Black. Will keep you updated.


Update : 27-October-2016 15:07 (IST)

As per the order confirmation from E-bay India, the watch should have been shipped today. After contacting the selling, I was told that the ordered watch is not available, but he can offer an alternative.

Questions to Ebay India

Why should a seller list product with inventory values when he does not have any clue where he is going to get and ship. Advance payment is collected and I have wasted about 7 days now waiting for the ordered product?

I am told by the seller that he would get back to me by today evening.

Update : 27-October-2016 15:30 (IST)

I understand that there is an acute shortage of Apple watch series 2 – Forecast / pre-order did not work well with apple this time.

Update : 27-October-2016 15:33 (IST)

Apple watch Nike+ edition India release is on the 28th – Still we are not able to get the regular 42mm.

Update : 04-November-2016 08:29 (IST)

Finally got my Apple watch series 2, Aluminium Gold 42mm. Still you will not find Apple watch series 2 at most of the Apple stores in India.


I have started using it, it’s very useful if you are a fitness freak and also a power user. You can keep your iPhone on vibration mode or silent mode and get all the notifications on your Apple watch, answer phone calls, send reply to messages, even it works with most of the apps like Viber, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc.

If you are using Mac, you an enable auto unlock while using the Apple watch, which means that you do not have to login on you Mac if you are wearing your Apple watch. Check out this post for more information on Auto Unlock Mac using Apple Watch.

I would highly recommend Apple watch to all iPhone users, you will really love it.

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