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Drone Registration in India is Live – As per the new drone regulation process is active in India now. If you are a person owning a drone which weighs more than 250 gms, then you need to go through the process of registering your drone.

Drone regulations India 2018

Getting Started – How to register your DJI Drones ?

Register as an operator

First thing you need to do is to register as an operator, check out all the options and select the right one.

Register your Drone

Any drone that is weighing above 250gms needs to be registered. For registration, visit the Digital Sky website and follow the instruction

Registering Drone – Digital Sky

Drone Registration Fees

You need to pay INR 1000 as registration fees online using the digital sky platform.

New Drone Regulation – Digital Sky
Registering Operator

Getting an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UAOP)

I do not see this as a requirement for bloggers or YouTubers, who are using the drone to take some videos of beautiful locations for small videos. You cannot fly a drone above 200 ft without a UAOP, so be careful, most of the drones will fly above 200 ft. This is also a worry or a doubt if the drone is capable to fly about 200 ft, but we do not use it above 200ft, then how would it work? Drones like Mavic Air or Mavic Pro would go above 200 feet.

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Fees for UAOP (Drone Pilot registration fees) INR 25,000

Every 5 years INR 10,000 for renewal

Useful Information on Drone Registration as per the new drone policy in India

RPAS – Official Website

The first thing you need to do is to register yourself as an operator, which you can do from the Digital Sky website. Once registered, you will have to verify your email by using the link sent to your registered email.

Try login, you will find option to register Drone. Start the registration process. I could not complete the process, there lots of bug in the portal, we will need to wait.

If you are using nano drone, you do not need to register your drone for a 

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  1. what documents are required for the registration of a drone? I bought a Mavic air from a store in Mumbai… but they didn’t give me the bill

  2. Hi. Got a DJI Spark and tried registering the same on DGCA website with no luck. since there is no option for DJI either under local or import product. Need support/clarity on same.


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