Error Installing Windows Live Writer

I had been using windows live writer for posting on my blogs. Windows Live Writer is a tool from Microsoft which can be used to publish posts to different blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, etc. If you search for “install Windows live writer” or Google or Bing, you will get this page on the top, but you will end up with this error as shown in the screenshot below.


This is the error that I get when installing Windows Live Writer. I was earlier installing on Windows 10 Technical Preview and getting this error. Later when I tried on stable Windows 8.1, I was getting the same error. I tried different solutions which I got from different forums, but none worked.


Finally, I am publishing this post using Windows Live Writer on my Surface Pro 3. I installed Windows Live Writer from Windows Essentials 2012. You have an option to download other tools like Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Windows Mail, etc

Windows Live Writer is a wonderful Blog Publishing tool for Windows. If you are using WordPress or Blogger or TypePad or there are many other supported platforms, try this out.

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