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Delete Facebook Account – I had been using Facebook since it’s inception (Facebook was launched on 4th Feb 2004). It’s a great service, met new friends, could get in touch with friends who I had lost touch for years. Even met friends who I had no contacts for more than 25 years. Facebook keeps me silently updated about my friends who I am in touch on Facebook. There are lots of advantages from this service and I would say it is a great service. Millions of users use this service, they would go through the news feed, post some updates, pictures.

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Facebook is used by different kind of people from different industry and for different purpose. Besides the great advantages, this service is also used by people who have bad intentions too. You may see disturbing posts, some may be abusive, etc.

How to delete your Facebook Account?


Just Google it – You have two options, the first one is to deactivate your account, you can activate it whenever you want. The other one is to delete it permanently. To delete your account for ever, just go to the second link which you see on the search result.

Powerful, Search Engine Friendly and more

delete_facebook_account 2

As you see in the message, you have an option to get back your account till 14 days.

I personally like this service and have enjoyed using it. I felt that I should take a break, let me see if I would change my mind in next 14 days.

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