How to fly a drone in India safely? Fly without fear

Flying drones in India without the UID registration is illegal. As of now the registration process is held up as none of the manufacturers have registered. Most of us use drones manufactured by DJI and they still are in the process of studying the drone policy (Digital Sky Platform)

Most of us like me would have registered as an operator in the Digital sky platform.

So we all know that flying drones in India without the registration of the drone is illegal. It will take some time for the manufacturers to register and till then we need to fly the drones safely and make sure that we do not get penalised or get into a situation of ending up getting caught by cops.

If you follow the rules as per the Indian Drone Policy, then I think, it’s just the matter of registering the device is pending and that is because of the platform / government inability to get the manufactures registered.

Here are my three tips for flying drones safely in India.

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Knowing the basics

You should understand the basics, The rules and regulations of flying drones in India as per the latest drone regulation.

As per the new rule regulation you should not fly A drone without registration.

Now most of us are flying drone for taking videos could be for YouTube channel or other social media or any travel videos.

Make sure that you do not fly your drone near any airports, military , naval , airforce installations or any place under high security. Fly your drone during daylight time, not very low or very high and so on. Check out these instructions for information.

Plan your shots

You should go to the location where you want to shoot you videos using your drone. The requirement for planning the shots is to finish off the flight at the shortest possible time.

The more time you have your drone flying, the risk is high. I usually fly drones where there are no much public or crowd. Avoid situations that would grab attention of others.

Select the best place for takeoff

You need to find the best place which would be ideal for takeoff. The best place for takeoff would be where there would be no much public attention. I usually look for a lonely place near the location where I want to take my drone shots.

I understand from reliable sources that mostly by the end of May / June 2019, we would be able to register our drones and fly without fear.

Share your experience if any, getting caught by police / others for flying drone in India.

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