Flying Drones in India – New Drone regulations

I got a drone just about a week back. Before buying the drone, I searched to understand about the laws, rules and regulations for flying drone in India. What I understood was there are only some draft regulations and nothing was implemented. 

New Drone Regulation for Flying Drones in India – Full Details explained

Yesterday the Ministry of Cilil Aviation has announced the Drone Regulations 1.0 effective from December 1st 2018.

Till then can we legally fly a drone?

As per the law now, you can fly drones which are less than 2kg in weight and you should not fly above 200 feet.

Things are not very clear from the information released

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Categories of Drones

  1. Nano
  2. Micro
  3. Small
  4. Medium
  5. Big

There are drones (RPAS ) Remotely piloted aircraft system weighing from 250 grams to 150kg. 

UAOP – unmanned aircraft operator permit is needed for all drones excerpt Nano and Micro

Again Nano drones  which weights less than 250grams and should not operate above 50 feet

Micro drones weighing less than 2kg and does not operate above 200 feet.

These drones should have features like RPAS, GNSS, GPS, Return to home etc which I see as standard features for most of 21

Types of Zones – Drones India

  1. Red Zone
  2. Yellow Zone
  3. Green Zone

Now – how would be operating the drone?

You will be registering the drone before you can start flying, which again would be online. You will have an application on your mobile device and request permission to fly. You will get instant approval or denial depending on your location. You can take off the drone only if you are granted the permission to fly. This would be very similar how aircraft and ATC (air traffic control works)

Hope this would be helpful for drone users and improve safety.

Let’s wait and watch

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