Google Custom Search Result Page Whitespace

If you are using Google Custom Search or Google Search for AdSense, you might have noticed that the search result page have blank space which makes the page look odd. I had taken the code from my Google AdSense Account and used.


Go to Google Custom Search and get the code and use than code rather than the Google AdSense Search Code. Once you go to the Google Custom Search Page, you will find the list of search engines that you had created from your Google AdSense account. Click on the search engine that you need the code.


There are many options like you can have the search box and the search result in the same page or you can have option for full width page, overlay etc.


Once you have all the settings done, click on the get code button and follow the instructions. If you use this code, you will not have the whitespace issue on the search result pages.

For information on more customization of Google custom search

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