Google Glass – All that you would want to know

You might have heard about the new Google Glasses which could come as a revolution. Could be a Gadget which every person would use like we use mobile phones. Currently Google Glasses are not available freely. It is being used by some select individuals, developers, etc. You might have watched some videos on YouTube showing the experience of using Google Glasses.

What can you do with a Google Glass?

You need to wear it as usual glass. You get to to view a screen after wearing it which is with enough opacity so that your regular view is not blocked. With Google Glass , you can take pictures on the go by just telling it to take picture, record videos, have the navigation screen as you drive your car, search the Internet to find something, send an SMS, etc. You can find more about the things that Google can do on the Google Glass page.
Google Glass has to be paired with your Android powered phone to do most of the work. You need internet connectivity to get information. You need a GPS which Google Glass does not have, but when you pair it with your Android phone, it uses the GPS of the phone for giving you the navigation support. You connect the Google Glass with an app called MyGlass App which actually does most of the work. Basically Google Glass is a screen worn by you as a glass and you see everything that you want to see. Google Glass can communicate using voice and do most of the work that you want to do without touch your Android phone.
You will very soon find tons of apps coming out which will support Google Glass. You may be able to write a blog post on your WordPress blog by just dictating the content, telling the glass to search for some pictures to post on your Facebook page, etc. You may see a breaking new from your favourite new channel by just installing their Google Glass app. You will no longer have to use your bluetooth headset to make / answer phone calls if you have a Google Glass paired to your phone, instead just tell your Google glass, it will do it. You can also use Google Hangout (Video chat ) using Google Glass.
Google glass would work with any bluetooth enabled phone. The MyGlass companion app works on Android 4.03 or higher version. You can have the details of the specs here. There are rumors that Google glass would also with working with iPhone to access the GPS and text messaging.

When will it be available to the public?

We need to wait for sometime, but not too long.

Cost of Google Glass

It would be around US$ 1500.00, sounds too costly, but I believe that the cost would come done after it hits the market  if Google expects it to be a common gadget.

Availability of Google Glass in India

Not sure when we can get it in India, but I am sure that Google will not be like Apple to treat India badly by giving it very low priority.

Where can I buy Google Glass?

As on today, applications for Google Glass is closed, but I am sure, soon we will find a way to get it. You may be able to order it online or even from a store near your place.

Will the Glass fix correctly for me?

Yes, they have adjustable nose pads.

Future of Google Glass

I believe it would become a very commonly used Gadget very soon. We hear about some health issues, but we know that mobile phones too have health issues, but everyone is using it and some are even over using it.

Update : 24-June-2017 23:33 (IST)

The current Status of Google Glass – The project is suspended….

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