How Much Data Transfer Is Done Per Hour On Skype Video Call?

I have been using Skype Video Chat for sometime and I use a mega Data Package which gives me 20GB allowed usage at a speed of 10mbps which is a very fair package from the service provider Dhiraagu. Last month my usage went high and I was checking my usage and found that it was the Skype calls which was taking my data transfer more than the allowed limit. I was curious to find out the rate of data transfer while making a Skype video chat.


This image shows my monthly stats and it has exceeded my monthly limit of 20 GB


This graph shows the hourly usage for the last 24 hours. Now when you see this carefully you can note that the usage per hours has gone up to 300mb. I did some working depending upon the hourly usage, I could conclude that when we use skype video chat the data usage is between 150 to 250mb. The variation could be for many reasons like if we are using audio along with the video call or simultaneous if we are watching any videos or downloading any files. There is an option to check your ADSL usage for Dhiraagu users. You can login to your this page using your ADSL username and password and keep track of your usage so that it does not go about your allowed usage.

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