Reaching 200 subscribers on YouTube Channel

As I mentioned in my earlier post that I had become active on YouTube by posting some videos related to my travel, food, restaurants I visit , cooking, diet and other experiences of wonderful things that I come across which I feel is interesting. I could increase Youtube subscribers in a good way and I am sharing my experience on how I increased my subscriber count?

I have almost posted about 80 videos on my channel, some of which are posted years back and are not of any much relevance now. In the last 2 months I have posted about 40 videos and have got some good feedback and views too. Its very important that whatever we do should be done with full sincerity and best efforts should be put on.

How did I reach 200 subscribers on my Youtube channel?

The rapid growth of my YouTube Channel Subscribers are  because of the quality and topic of my videos. There are no shortcuts, you need to do good work and the viewers should like your videos to subscribe to your channels. There are many sites / services offering you paid subscribers, please do not go for it if your purpose to have a big subscriber base is to show your videos. If your videos are good and the viewer finds it interesting, then definitely, you get a subscriber.

Tips to increase YouTube Subscribers

  1. Detailed Description – Write a detailed description of your video in the description box on YouTube, this would help in getting good number of viewers from the YouTube search.
  2. Right Keywords Tagging – Same like description, you need to tag your videos with right keywords, please do not try any tricks, that will backfire. You should not tag more than 5 keywords.
  3. Categorise your Video – Select the right category for the video you post, will again help in getting right viewers.
  4. Create Public Playlist for your videos – Add your videos to public playlists, that again would help in getting right viewers. Please do not overdo anything, you will be in trouble.
  5. Increase View Time rather than Number of Views – One major factor that I realised is that it is important to have good view time than number of views, which means, suppose you have a video which has 1000 views but has only 100 minutes of view time even though the length of 10 minutes. This means that most of your viewers are leaving the video within few seconds of the video starting to play. What could be the reason? Your video is not what the viewer thought would be, your video quality is poor, your title is misleading, etc.
  6. Write a good title for your video – So its very important that your title should give a good idea about what you are showing in the video.
  7. Have a short and informative intro – First 10 seconds of your video is important. Use a good intro, text titles in the video whenever it is necessary and try to keep your video short, not more than 10 minutes.
  8. I used the subscribe button on my blog which you see just below the post. Hey by the way, please click on that Subscribe button and subscribe to my YouTube channel.
  9. Other few factors which you would need to improve the subscriber numbers would be to be consistent with your video posting. Request your viewer to give a thumbs up and also to subscribe.
  10. First 24 hours after posting your video – It’s very important that your video should go crazy in the first 24 hours, if it does well, you will see a lot of traffic to that video from YouTube itself.
  11. Video performance increases Subscribers – If you have good videos, good view time and good number of views, your YouTube Subscriber increases naturally.
  12. Post Videos Regularly – You should have a good pattern to post your videos. Consistency is very important in everything what you do. Post at least 1-2 videos every week.
  13. Video Editing Tools – Use a good software to make your videos look good. I use Final Cut Pro, which is excellent for Mac users. I started off with iMovie. Initially I was editing my iPad Pro to edit and post videos.

Hope these tips from my personal experience would help you increase your YouTube channel subscribers.

Technology I use to create videos for my YouTube Channel

I got a Sony FDR x3000 and a Canon G7X for my video blogging. Also I use my iPhone X for my video shooting. I use a Sony tripod, Manfrotto tripod for my Canon camera and Stuffcool selfie stick for my iPhone X. For exiting my videos, I use LumaFusion and iMovie if I am using my iPad Pro or I use Final Cut Pro if I am using my MacBook Pro.

Powerful, Search Engine Friendly and more

These are all what I did to get increase YouTube Subscribers on my channel to reach my first 200 subscribers. My aim is reach a four digit subscriber base next. Will keep trying and get to that mark soon. Will do a post once I reach my 1000th subscriber next.

This article give a brief explanation of how you can increase YouTube subscriber numbers in the right way. Please do not get into trouble by using unethical methods to increase your youtube subscribers.

Update : 28-February-2018 12:51 (IST)

My Journey Towards 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours

I will be periodically posting updates on my journey towards the set target of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

Reached 255 Subscribers / 1275 Watch Hours – Still to go, About 50 Active Videos

I know still long way to go, but I am sure to reach my goal in next 5 months time if I go like this. I think that I fine, we cannot do things overnight and 5 months would be a good experience for me to be money making YouTuber.

I have started a blog dedicated to YouTube tips and tricks for beginners. I have already shared some tips and tricks for YouTubers, many would be coming soon.

I am also looking for content writers having experience in writing technology articles, tutorials, ete. I would need articles only related to YouTube user point of view. For more details on the Join YouTubeTech as article writer.

Update : 06-March-2018 19:46 (IST)

Nearing 300 Subscribers, Reached 1500 watch hours in less than 3 months

It looks good going for me, I have posted about 55 videos during these 3 months. Worked a lot on optimisation and learning to write description, Title and Tags.

Update : 15-March-2018 15:55 (IST)

Reached 300 Subscribers – Still 700 to go

It took me around 45 days to gain 100 subscribers, but I am sure these are real subscribers who would be my regular viewers.

If you are also a YouTuber, trying to reach 1000 Subscribers and 4000 view hours, check out my blog for new YouTubers

Journey Forward

It’s not the end, you need to keep working, moving your goals and reaching new heights.


Update : 23-April-2018 10:33 (IST)

Reached 500 Subscribers

Almost 50% of the number of subscribers achieved, posted about 70 videos in the last 4+ months

Check out my detailed post on reaching 500 subscribers on my New YouTubers Tips Blog


Update : 11-June-2018 10:50 (IST)

Crossed 1000 Subscribers and 4000 watch hours / Took 6 months and about 80 videos

After continuous hard work, I could reach the first goal. I know this is just a beginning, but believe me, it was tough and took lots of hard work.

Check out my channel and please subscribe

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  1. You need to decide on what topic you are planning to post your videos, I suggest that you should work on subjects that you have sufficient knowledge and you have interest too.

    • Yes you can , but now to get your channel approved for payment, you need to have minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of view in the last 12 months. I do have monetization enabled, my channel was approved long back.


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