iPhone 6s Plus – 10 days of usage

It’s about 10 days now I have been using the iPhone 6s Plus. I had upgraded from iPhone 6 Plus for the reason that I wanted to experience the new 3D Touch and the new powerful hardware. 

iphone 6s plus

Overall, I feel happy that I upgraded to the latest iPhone available, no regrets. Certainly there are some real reasons for me to go for it as I am a power user, making / receiving about 50-75 calls a day, some VOIP calls, about 1 hour of Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, 75 emails (Push Email), Bluetooth and Wifi always on, even the LTE data connection.

  1. iOS 9 Works without any lags – I had upgraded to iOS 9 before I gave off my iPhone 6 Plus. The performance was affected after the upgrade, but in iPhone 6s Plus, it works lightning fast.
  2. The Finger print scanner – It’s more than two times faster, you will not even know that you authenticated and logged in.
  3. 3D Touch – Developers need to integrate this new feature with their applications. We see consistent upgrades being rolled out. You will find some very useful shortcuts while using your new iPhone 6s series.
  4. Camera – Great, much better pictures, I am happy with the quality of pictures as well as the videos. I use the camera a lot for taking pictures to be used on my blog and it’s really useful.
  5. Battery – I do all sorts of things with this phone and even at the end of the day, I will have about 30-40% of my battery left. I see the charging time is higher than the earlier one, but that does not matter much.

Very strong and powerful phone for power users. I do not have any idea about iPhone 6s, I have used on the iPhone 6s Plus 64GB.

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