iPhone XS ESim for Airtel India – Live Demo

I got an iPhone XS 256GB space grey from Mysore. Reason for upgrading from iPhone X was dual sim feature, which I was anticipating for a long time. There are no slot for two sims like any other dual sim phones, but in this you have a feature called Esim which is also known as digital sim.

Every time I travel to Maldives where I work and spend half the month, I need to change the sim and when I come back, I do have to do the same again.

How to enable ESim for Indian Mobile Operators like Airtel or Jio?

As on today, only Airtel and Jio has this feature. I have done a detailed video on iPhone XS Esim activation which could be helpful.

Enable ESim Airtel on iPhone XS
  • First, you need to send an SMS to 121 with a message ESIM yourregisteremail.com
  • You will receive a reconfirmation message, reply to that as per the instruction 
  • You will receive an automated call, press 1 in the keypad to confirm
  • In a minute after than, you will receive an email with a QR code. Navigate to settings->Mobile Data – > Add data plan
  • Follow the instructions to complete the activation. This should not take more than 5-10 minutes
  • Your ESim will be active within 2 hours, but the SMS feature will work only after 24 hours for some security reasons

My ESim is activated, but have some problem sending SMS, which I have registered a complaint

I understand that you can register more than 1 ESim.

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If you have enabled ESim on Jio – Please share your experience 

Update – iPhone ESIM Activation for Airtel

Activation Done – Some feedback after using for 2 days

I got everything working perfectly. Both my sim are active which means that I will receive a call or an SMS sent to any of the number. I have an option to select the line to make a call. I can switch that anytime, even from the dial pad. Same is in the case of SMS. I can even assign a default line to every contact.

Adding more than one ESIM

Now I need check about adding more than one ESIM. 

What happens to the ESIM if I need to reset my iPhone? How do I reinstall it? Will the backup reinstall ESIM on iPhone?

These are few question which I am not sure about. Please shout out if anybody knows about this

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