Keyboard for iPad Pro 10.5

I had got a iPad Pro 10.5 two weeks back and have been using it almost everyday. Keyboards are very important if you are looking to use this to the best and also if you are used to type long emails or even content creation, then I would definitely suggest to get one keyboard.

I got two keyboards, the first one was a Logitech Slim Combo which is really good, but had some trouble with iOS 11 beta which I was using. The keyboard used to stop working in between and I had to restart the iPad to make the keyboard working again. This issue could be a bug in the Beta version of iOS 11 and would be rectified in future releases. I had even filled a feedback to Apple on this topic.

The second keyboard was the Apple Smart Keyboard, which is good with some features compared to the Logitech one, but lacks some great features like the function keys or shortcut keys on the top line. You have home key, volume +, music play, etc.

Apples Smart Keyboard

  1. Light and very simple
  2. No back protection
  3. No place to keep the Apple Pencil
  4. No backlights
  5. No Shortcut / Function keys
  6. Safe from dust or any liquid spilling

Logitech Slim Combo

  1. Bulky and plastic feel
  2. Has backlights
  3. Has Penholder
  4. Has very useful function keys
  5. It has tradition keys
  6. You basically lose the feeling that you are using an iPad because the entire unit gets a different look which I personally do not like.

Personally I am liking theApple Smart Keyboard for the reason that it is very light, simple and easy to move around. Yes it does lack some very important features like the pen holder, function keys etc.

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