Maintenance cost for Mercedes Benz / luxury cars

Owning a Mercedes Benz was one of my dream and it took years of wait and hard work to get it realised.

As soon as you get your luxury car registered the re-sale value of the car goes down by 20%, yes I am not joking.

So you need to think wise, should you buy a brand new one or a Mercedes certified used one?

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Buying a Brand new car or a used one?

Maintenance Cost of Luxury Cost In India

Advantages of buying a brand new car

  1. You are the first and only owner
  2. Brand new is always brand new
  3. Warranty
  4. All parts are new, so the chances of breakdown is less compared to a used car.
  5. You can get the latest version / technology
  6. Better finance options
  7. Depreciation to save taxes

Disadvantages of buying a new car

  1. Cost – Big difference between a used car and a brand new car
  2. Loss money if you want to sell
  3. Huge EMI if you are going for loans

Mercedes Benz GLC – Completing 30K

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How much do you have to spend to keep your vehicle running other than fuel?

This is something which every luxury car buyer should understand and analyse before finalising

I have been maintaining a Mercedes Benz GLC 220D for almost 3 years now. Let me tell you, it is a costly affair and I can do it because of my current earnings. Everything is very costly compared to other cars or my earlier SUV (Toyota Fortuner).


You need to make sure that you have the best coverage for your luxury car. My Insurance costs me about INR 2.5 lakhs now, it started with about INR 3 lakhs.

Yearly Service

Oil changing, filter changing, brake pads and more, everything needs to be changed on time as you get warnings on your car dash, which is very convenient if you are using your vehicle well.


A costly car will have costly spares. You cannot use anything that is not made / approved by car maker. Brake pads for all the 4 wheels will cost you INR 40K, 1 tyre about 30K and so on.

Overall – Maintenance cost of Mercedes Benz GLC 220D

You should be prepared for heavy bills when ever your car goes for a service. On an average for me, I need to spend about INR 3.5 lakhs a year other than my fuel costs to maintain my car.

I do not regret buying my dream car, I was well aware of these thing, I will keep this car with me as long as I can afford to maintain it.

If you are planning to buy a luxury car, check out all the details and finalise. You should not get into trouble and lose money / piece of mind after buying a luxury car.

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