Why does my Smartphone get outdated in 2-3 months?

Why does my Smartphone get outdated in 2-3 months?

We see new smartphones being announced almost everyday these days. Today we saw a new Nokia Lumia phone (Nokia Lumia 925) announced. We will see another phone from the Nokia Lumia series (Nokia Lumia 928) coming very soon. It’s good for users to have choice of phones when they decide to change their phone, but there are people who would want to have the latest and the best phone with them. If you are of that kind then you would now have to change your phone every 3 months.

iPhone comes up with a new device atleast once or twice a year, but these Windows Mobile and Android devices are seen popping up every now and then. You get really confused when you have to buy a latest device. I use a Galaxy Note 2 which I purchased when it was released, we now hear about the next version, that is the Galaxy Note 3. I was a Galaxy Note 1 user too, which I hardly used for 8 months. You should be sure to buy a device as soon as it is in the market or you may see that the next version is going to come to the market very soon.


You see big improvements in the hardware, new technologies coming up, new versions of Mobile Operating Systems being released, new applications in the market. I am not complaining about the industry growing very fast, but talking about the life of a device which we can use without getting a feel that we are using an outdated device. The operating systems are upgraded with new features and the hardware have to upgraded. You need more memory, space, etc when you want to upgrade to the latest operating system. Some apps stop working when you decide not to upgrade your operating system and you are forced to change your smartphone.

Looking deeply into the current trends and growth in the smartphone industry, we should tell ourselves that we need to change our smartphone atleast once a year if we want to make use of the latest developments, features, etc. Recently I was thinking of buying a Microsoft Surface Pro, but I hear rumors that there would a new tablet coming soon by Microsoft called the Microsoft Surface Plus and even new version of Windows 8 will also be coming out very soon. If you are planning to buy a iPhone 5, hold on, a new iPhone with new OS, iOS 7 will be soon in the market.

Update : Now I use a iPhone 6s Plus

Viber Incoming Call Issue – Windows 8 Mobile

Viber Incoming Call Issue – Windows 8 Mobile

I have been using Viber for a long time. Earlier I was using it on my iPhone, then on my Android Device, Galaxy Note, Note 2 and now on Windows Mobile, Nokia Lumia 1520.


The Windows version has a problem, I do not get the incoming call ring, but I get a missed call notification after sometime. There were some updates released during last week, but unfortunately this issue is not resolved. As far as I understand after I went through some online forums, there are many users who are having this very problem, but many are able to get the incoming call notification. I tried almost everything that I read on these forums, but none worked for me.

Some of the things that I tried

  • Re-Installed the software
  • Changed to default settings
  • Disabled battery saver, etc

i hope the developers come up with a solution for this problem.

Update : Now we have a stable version

Google Glass – All that you would want to know

Google Glass – All that you would want to know

You might have heard about the new Google Glasses which could come as a revolution. Could be a Gadget which every person would use like we use mobile phones. Currently Google Glasses are not available freely. It is being used by some select individuals, developers, etc. You might have watched some videos on YouTube showing the experience of using Google Glasses.

What can you do with a Google Glass?

You need to wear it as usual glass. You get to to view a screen after wearing it which is with enough opacity so that your regular view is not blocked. With Google Glass , you can take pictures on the go by just telling it to take picture, record videos, have the navigation screen as you drive your car, search the Internet to find something, send an SMS, etc. You can find more about the things that Google can do on the Google Glass page.
Google Glass has to be paired with your Android powered phone to do most of the work. You need internet connectivity to get information. You need a GPS which Google Glass does not have, but when you pair it with your Android phone, it uses the GPS of the phone for giving you the navigation support. You connect the Google Glass with an app called MyGlass App which actually does most of the work. Basically Google Glass is a screen worn by you as a glass and you see everything that you want to see. Google Glass can communicate using voice and do most of the work that you want to do without touch your Android phone.
You will very soon find tons of apps coming out which will support Google Glass. You may be able to write a blog post on your WordPress blog by just dictating the content, telling the glass to search for some pictures to post on your Facebook page, etc. You may see a breaking new from your favourite new channel by just installing their Google Glass app. You will no longer have to use your bluetooth headset to make / answer phone calls if you have a Google Glass paired to your phone, instead just tell your Google glass, it will do it. You can also use Google Hangout (Video chat ) using Google Glass.
Google glass would work with any bluetooth enabled phone. The MyGlass companion app works on Android 4.03 or higher version. You can have the details of the specs here. There are rumors that Google glass would also with working with iPhone to access the GPS and text messaging.

When will it be available to the public?

We need to wait for sometime, but not too long.

Cost of Google Glass

It would be around US$ 1500.00, sounds too costly, but I believe that the cost would come done after it hits the market  if Google expects it to be a common gadget.

Availability of Google Glass in India

Not sure when we can get it in India, but I am sure that Google will not be like Apple to treat India badly by giving it very low priority.

Where can I buy Google Glass?

As on today, applications for Google Glass is closed, but I am sure, soon we will find a way to get it. You may be able to order it online or even from a store near your place.

Will the Glass fix correctly for me?

Yes, they have adjustable nose pads.

Future of Google Glass

I believe it would become a very commonly used Gadget very soon. We hear about some health issues, but we know that mobile phones too have health issues, but everyone is using it and some are even over using it.

Update : 24-June-2017 23:33 (IST)

The current Status of Google Glass – The project is suspended….

How Much Data Transfer Is Done Per Hour On Skype Video Call?

How Much Data Transfer Is Done Per Hour On Skype Video Call?

I have been using Skype Video Chat for sometime and I use a mega Data Package which gives me 20GB allowed usage at a speed of 10mbps which is a very fair package from the service provider Dhiraagu. Last month my usage went high and I was checking my usage and found that it was the Skype calls which was taking my data transfer more than the allowed limit. I was curious to find out the rate of data transfer while making a Skype video chat.


This image shows my monthly stats and it has exceeded my monthly limit of 20 GB


This graph shows the hourly usage for the last 24 hours. Now when you see this carefully you can note that the usage per hours has gone up to 300mb. I did some working depending upon the hourly usage, I could conclude that when we use skype video chat the data usage is between 150 to 250mb. The variation could be for many reasons like if we are using audio along with the video call or simultaneous if we are watching any videos or downloading any files. There is an option to check your ADSL usage for Dhiraagu users. You can login to your this page using your ADSL username and password and keep track of your usage so that it does not go about your allowed usage.

Classification Of Computers

Classification Of Computers

Classification of Computers – Until recently computers were classifieds as microcomputers, super minicomputers, mainframes, and supercomputers. Technology, however, has changed and this classification is no more relevant. Today all computers used microprocessors as their CPU.

Thus classification is possible only through their mode of use.

Classification of Computers based on mode of use

Based on mode of use we can classify computers as Palms, Laptop PCs, Desktop PCs and Workstations.

Based on interconnected computers we can classify computers we can classify them as distributed computers and parallel computers. Further classification of computers according to technology can also be done.

classification of computers - 1-simputer

Palm PCs or Computer

With miniaturization and high-density packing of transistor on a chip, computers with capabilities nearly that of PCs which can be held in a palm have emerged. Palm accept handwritten inputs using an electronic pen which can be used to write on a Palm’s screen (besides a tiny keyboard), have small disk storage and can be connected to a wireless network. One has to train the system on the user’s handwriting before it can be used as a mobile phone, Fax, and e-mail machine. A version of Microsoft operating system called Windows-CE is available for Palm.An Indian initiative to meet the needs of rural population of developing countries is called Simputer. Simputer is a mobile handheld computer with input through icons on a touch sensitive overly on the LCD display panel. A unique feature of Simputer is the use of free open source OS called GNU/Linux. The cost of ownership is thus low as there is no software cost for OS. Another unique feature of Simputer not found in Palm, is a smart card reader/writer, which increases the functionality of the Simputer including possibility of personalization of a single Simputer for several users.

Laptop PCs:

Laptop PCs (also known as notebook computers) are portable computers weighing around 2 kgs. They have a keyboard, flat screen liquid crystal display, and a Pentium or Power PC processor. Colour displays are available. They normally run using WINDOWS OS. Laptops come with hard disk (around 40 GB), CDROM and floppy disk. They should run with batteries and are thus designed to conserve energy by using power efficient chips.

Many Laptops can be connected to a network. There is a trend towards providing wireless connectivity to Laptops so that they can read files from large stationary computers. The most common use of Laptop computers is used for word processing, and spreadsheet computing. As Laptops use miniature components which have to consume low power and have to be packaged in small volumes.

Personal Computers (PCs)

The most popular PCs are desktop machines. Early PCs had Intel 8088 microprocessors as their CPU. Currently (2004), Intel Dual Core is the most popular processor. The machines made by IBM are called IBM PCs. Other manufacturers use IBM’s specifications and design their own PCs. They are known as IBM compatible PCs. IBM PCs mostly use MS-Windows, WINDOWS –XP or GNU/Linux as Operating System. IBM PCs, nowadays (2004) have 64 to 256 MB main memory, 40 to 80 GB of Hard Disk and a floppy disk or flash ROM.

Besides these a 650 MB CDROM is also provided in PCs intended for multimedia use. Another company called Apple also makes pCs. Apple PCs are known as Apple Macintosh. They use Apple’s proprietary OS, which is designed for simplicity of use. Apple Macintosh machines used Motorola 68030 microprocessors but now use Power PC 603 processor. IBM PCs are today the most popular computers with millions of them in use throughout the world.


Workstations are also desktop machines. They are, however, more powerful providing processor speeds about 10 times that of PCs. Most workstations have a large colour video display unit (19 inch monitors). Normally they have main memory of around 256 MB to 4 GB and Hard Disk of 80 to 320 GB. Workstations normally use RISC processors such as MIPS (SIG), RIOS (IBM), SPARC (SUN), or PA-RISC (HP). Some manufacturers of Workstations are Silicon Graphics (SIG), IBM, SUN Microsystems and Hewlett Packard (HP).

The standard Operating System of Workstations is UNIX and its derivatives such as AIX (IBM), Solaris (SUN), and HP-UX (HP). Very good graphics facilities and large video screens are provided by most Workstations. A system called X WINDOWS is provided by Workstations to display the status of multiple processes during their execution. Most Workstations have built-in hardware to connect to a Local Area Network (LAN). Workstations are used for executing numeric and graphic intensive applications such as those, which arise in Computer Aided Design, simulation of complex systems and visualizing the results of simulation.


While manufacturers such as IBM, SUN and Silicon Graphics have been manufacturing high performance workstations the speed of Intel Pentium Processors has been going up. In 2004, Pentium with clock speed 3 GHz are available. They can support several GB main memories. Thus the difference between high end PCs and Workstations is vanishing. Today companies such as SUN make Intel based workstations.

While Workstations are characterized by high performance processors with large screens for interactive programming, servers are used for specific purpose such as high performance numerical computing (called compute server), web page hosting, database store, printing etc. interactive large screens are not necessary. Compute servers have performance processors with large main memory, database servers have big on-line disk storage (100s of GB) and print servers support several high speed printers.

Mainframes Computers

There are organizations such as banks and insurance companies process large number of transactions on-line. They require computers with very large disks to store several Terabytes of data and transfer data from disk to main memory at several hundred Megabytes/sec. The processing power needed from such computers is hundred million transactions per second.

These computers are much bigger and faster than workstations and several hundred times more expensive. They normally use proprietary operating systems, which usually provide high expensive services such as user accounting, file security and control. They are normally much more reliable when compared to Operating System on PCs. These types of computers are called mainframes. These are a few manufacturers of mainframes (e.g., IBM and Hitachi). The number of mainframe users has reduced as many organizations are rewriting their systems to use networks of powerful workstations.


Supercomputers are the fastest computers available at any given time and are normally used to solve problems, which require intensive numerical computations. Examples of such problems are numerical weather prediction, designing supersonic aircrafts, design of drugs and modeling complex molecules. All of these problems require around 10^16calculations to be performed. These problems will be solved in about 3 hours by a computer, which can carry out a trillion floating point calculations per second. Such a computer is classifieds as supercomputer today (2004).

By about the year 2006 computers which can carry out 10^15 floating point operations per second on 64 bit floating point numbers would be available and would be the ones which be called supercomputers. Interconnecting several high speed computers and programming them to work cooperatively to solve problems build supercomputers.

Recently applications of supercomputers have expanded beyond scientific computing, they are now used to analyse large commercial database, produced animated movies and play games such as chess.Besides arithmetic speed, a computer to be classified as a supercomputer should have a large main memory of around 16 GB and a secondary memory of 1000 GB. The speed of transfer of data from secondary memory to the main memory should be at least a tenth of the memory to CPU data transfer speed. All supercomputers use parallelism to achieve their speed. In Sec. 12.9 we discuss the organisation of parallel computers

Further Reading on Classification of Computers by Purpose of use

  1. Types Of Computers
  2. History Of Computers
Analysis of Google Search results with top keywords – SERPs

Analysis of Google Search results with top keywords – SERPs

I have been working with search engine optimization for a few years now and I was really inspired by the Google algorithm to output the search results. The SERPs of Google are really interesting and most of the webmasters and SEO experts try the best to reach the top ranking in Google as Google is the most used search engine on the World Wide Web. Google can grow a site without limits and give traffic to websites which rank on top on high traffic generating keywords.

How can a website or a web page get into the top rankings in the SERPs?

Google algorithm to display the Search Engine Result Page is not a clear or a written public document, but through different experiments and experience, many SEO experts are successful. It can be a White hat SEO technique or a Black hat one. It’s very important that webs masters go through the Google webmasters guidelines before using techniques to get on top of the SERPs. Websites who try to get on top using tricks are mostly penalised and removed from Google’s search index.

The question above is to be answered clearly yet and I do not have an exact solution for this question. You can find various tips and to get on the top, but keywords with high value are very difficult to break. It’s just not machines which do the ranking, but even humans get involved into this. A small loop hole in the algorithm can manipulate the search results and many try and succeed in this. This success is not permanent as there are, as I said, humans who keep checking the sites ranking top on high valued keywords. It will be very easy to get on top for keywords or key phrases which are not searched commonly, but to get on top of high valued keywords is really a tough job and only deserving websites get on this.

I am not planning to explain the steps to get on the top of the search result pages in my post, but this post is just to start off my keyword analysis series of post. I have been analysing search results on Google for the keywords related to my sites and have found many interesting information which are worth discussing. There are many factors that decided the result ranking on the SERPs like the website pagerank, information on the page, keyword density, backlinks, anchor tags, Google trust, age of the website, category of the website, and many more which I do not know and many nobody knows other than Larry page or Sergy Bin who had developed the Google pagerank algorithm as their project at Stanford University. This original pagerank algorithm has been modified many times to improve the search result ranking, again through the research team in Google. Many spammers have been successful in breaking the algorithm loopholes in the past and Google spam expert like MattCutts are continuously working on such problems.

I will be posting a series of posts which will be taking up a top search keyword or key phrase and analysing the results on Google search results. My plan is to take 100 very high valued keywords / key phrases and 50 less valued keywords.

What will be covered in the analysis?

Pagerank of the webpage

Most of the webmasters believe that pagerank has very high importance in manipulating the search results, so I feel this is to be of high priority. I will be using the Google toolbar to get the pagerank of the web page

Pagerank of the website, if the result page is not the home page or the index page – There are many websites which have their home page with high pagerank and no other pages have any pagerank. Some sites have pages with high pagerank and they have a low pagerank for the main page. I have this on one of blog

Backlinks to the page from related sites

Its believed that backlinks play very important role in Google SERPs, let’s check this out

Tags used in the backlinks – There are many tags used with a link which is also very important, so we need to study on that

Link analysis

We need to find if the links are paid links or real natural links, again this is a very tough job, but I am sure we can do that and I will be needing your help in this regard

Backlinks to the page from irrelevant sites

Is the site successful in breaking Google’s algorithm or if it’s a spam? We find many links with a text like Web Hosting and when we click on the link it goes to a gambling site.

Content and information related to the search keyword / key phrase on the webpage

For example, I am doing the analysis of the Key phrase “Search Engine Optimization” and I do expect some amount of information. We will be analylizing the content to see what is the amount of information provided on the page which Google has ranked on the to?

Category of the website

Does category of the website plays any important role in SERPs. For example, I have a blog which has pages related to cricket, football, SEO tips and we get my page on top of the website which is fully dedicated to the key phrase

Age of the website

Its debated that the age of the website or domain has some importance in the SERPs, but how much is the question?


What is the amount of traffic that website or webpage has, again its difficult to get, but I am sure that I will be able to get this information. If you have some information in this, please do post it as a comment

Alexa ranking

We can check if Google Ranking has any relation with Alexa ranking

Source of the content

Content duplication is something Google is against but I see that many websites which copy content from the original website which has a low pagerank or importance gets on top.


Is the content copyrighted material or not

Unique Content

If the content is unique or it’s the same information which are available on 1000’s of web pages

Site update frequency

Is the site updated frequently or what reliability of the result is. For example, if you search for the latest pagerank update on Google, you will get results showing the pagerank update 3 months back. These are the points that have come in my mind and its appreciated if you can add up some

If you know any top keywords which can be included for this analysis, please inform me so that I can take up that particular keyword and include in my post. I will be analysing the top 5 search results with the most available information with respect to Search Engine Optimization

I am starting my analysis with the key phrase “Search Engine Optimization” which will be posted this week. Your comments are anticipated