Best iPad Pro 10.5 cases – Is Protection needed?

Apple does not provide any covers which keeps the back part of the iPad Pro protected, instead it has the Smart Keyboard which again does not have anything to cover the back side.

The Leather Sleeve looks great and premium but again too costly.

There are numerous cases already available, some of which are minimal to keep the design traits visible, while others are more rugged to offer better protection. We have rounded up some of the best cases for the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 we have found so far but we will be updating this feature as more catch our eye.

Source: Best iPad Pro 10.5 cases: Protect your new Apple tablet – Pocket-lint

Google Drive and Evernote

Evernote is used by me everyday for my official work as well as my personal needs. There are situations when you need to insert spreadsheets or any PDF documents into the note and Evernote can do almost everything that you would need.

I tried inserting Google Drive Spreadsheets, but only you get the link. It would be good if we could embed it.

Try Evernote

You can add Google Drive files to Evernote notes as attachments or as pasted links (URLs) without having to leave Evernote. When you attach Google Drive files, the links are formatted as clickable objects that are easy to find in a note.

Source: How to attach Google Drive files to notes – Evernote Help & Learning

Apple AirPods – a late try

I was wanting to get an Apple AirPod for sometime finally got it from an iBay listing. Got it for MRF 4200, which was the lowest rate on iBay. In India it is cost about INT 20k. 

There is only one control are you can do with the AirPod. You can check the settings screenshot below. 

The sound quality is good and fits well to my ears. 

Will share more about AirPods in coming days as I use it more and more. 

Update : 22-May-2017 16:54 (IST)

To answer a phone call you can double tap on any of the the AirPods. Its the same to disconnect a phone call.

Framework7 – Build iOS and Android Apps

The framework looks great, never tried. Was wondering if we can use this framework to build WordPress themes

Framework7 – is a free and open source mobile HTML framework to develop hybrid mobile apps or web apps with iOS & Android native look and feel. It is also an indispensable prototyping apps tool to show working app prototype as soon as possible in case you need to. The main approach of the Framework7 is to give you an opportunity to create iOS & Android apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript easily and clear. Framework7 is full of freedom. It doesn’t limit your imagination or offer ways of any solutions somehow

Source: Framework7 – Full Featured Mobile HTML Framework For Building iOS & Android Apps