iCloud Photo Library Upload very slow

Is there any way that we can check the status of uploaded images from the photos application on Mac? 


I had added some new pictures and videos from some backup drive on my MacBook Pro. In my iCloud settings, I am uploading all the images from my photo library. Now it has been 3 days, the photos are still getting uploaded.

I do have a 10mbps broadband connection, but I see the upload speed very slow. I searched through many Apple forums, but unfortunately I could not find any solutions and I understand that there are many other users having this problem.

I understand that this problem happens only when you have a bulk of photos imported into the photo library.

I had this problem but found a solution which worked for me. I started the upload and then switch to the photos app on my iPhone 6 having switched off auto lock. The phone just sat there for 10 mins and all my photos were uploaded. You can see if they are being uploaded by looking at the little glittery symbol next to your wifi signal strength indicator. If the glittery circle appears then your photos are uploading. Hope this is clear and helps!

Source: iCloud Photo Library Upload – Extremely Slow Up… | Apple Support Communities

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