Personal Hotspot menu missing in iPhone 6s – Solved

I was using personal hotspot feature in the iPhone, but today when I came to Kerala and wanted to use mobile internet for my laptop, I was surprised that the Personal Hotspot menu was missing. I was in a remote area and was getting only 3G network, I guess Airtel has not covered 4G here.

iphone_hotspot_missing - 1

What could be the reason for the missing Personal Hotspot Menu on iPhone ?

The reason that led to this problem on my iPhone is that the APN settings for Personal Hotspot was missing. Earlier I was using the Hotspot on 4G network and the APN settings for 4G is optional. When you move to a 3G network and you have not set the APN then your personal hotspot menu could go missing.

iphone_hotspot_missing - 2

I entered and I got my personal hotspot menu back (Just go back and forth the menu will appear).

iphone_hotspot_missing - 3

There could be some other reasons too, but this was the reason for me and I could fix it by just entering the APN and username and password has to be left blank in case of Airtel.

More Information on Personal Hotspot – You can use this feature to share your mobile internet. You create a personal wifi and you can connect other devices like you laptop or any other wife enabled device and share internet from your iPhone
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