Should you upgrade to iPhone 6s Plus from a iPhone 6 Plus

Got a iPhone 6s Plus last week and have been using it all these days. I was using a iPhone 6 plus which was very responsive until I had upgraded to iOS 9. After the upgrade I started feeling some lag, but now when I upgraded to iPhone 6s Plus, the phone is super fast, better cameras, the new so called 3D Touch. The phones looks exactly the same, and size is almost the same, I could use the bumpers which I had got for my earlier phone.

Key Features of iPhone 6s Plus

  1. 5.5 Inch Screen
  2. Best Battery back up
  3. Powerful machine, 2 GB Ram
  4. Best Cameras
  5. Strong Body

Check out this video review, you will understand the difference and will help you to take a decision.

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Should you upgrade? If you are a power user, then you should think about it. If you are happy with the speed, Camera, Battery, then I would suggest to hold on for the next version.

Update : 03-July-2017 22:55 (IST)

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