Surface Book vs MacBook Pro

Finally, Surface Pro 4 has been announced after lots of rumours and speculations. I have used Surface Pro 2, then the Surface Pro 3 (i7, 8GB ram, the top model) till the last month. I still have the old Surface Pro 2. The hardware is really good, but when it comes to pairing of software and hardware, I personally feel that Microsoft has to a do a lot more to reach the MacBook level. Before I started using Surface Pro 2, I was using a Mac Book Pro, but for some reasons, I had to switch to a Windows device. Last month, I sold off my Surface Pro 3 and switched back to a Macbook Pro. I am 100% happy and comfortable with my Macbook pro. We will need to wait and see how the Surface Pro 4 performs. Windows 10 still have lots of issues, we need good applications for Window Mobile devices.

Surface Pro 4

I really like the new Windows 10 Continuum Feature

“This morning as Microsoft prepared to reveal several new Surface devices, they couldn’t help but call out their competitors first. ‘We have competitors, you may have noticed,’ said Microsoft’s Panos Panay, referring to the Surface and other competitor tablets launched with keyboards, ‘they’re chasing it, it’s pretty cool.’ Panay went on to suggest that Microsoft’s options were to ‘double down and bring the thunder’ or to ‘reinvent the category again.’ Microsoft appeared to choose the former as they played Thunderstruck by AC/DC while presenting the new Surface Pro 4.”

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