Truecaller on iPhones – Does not work in full potential

I was using Truecaller on Windows Mobile which really was very useful. When you get a call from a number which is not in your contact or a number that you do not know, but this application, gives you all the possible information of the caller.

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Unfortunately in iOS, Truecaller does not work the way it works on Windows Mobile or Android. In iOS, the caller information API has some restrictions and this application does not work when you get the call. You either have to search for the number or copy the number and paste it on the widget to get the information. Check out the video below for more information on how to use Truecaller on your iPhone. Again this does not work when you are getting the call. If the number is unknown to you,

  1. just go to the recent call list,
  2. click on the details of the number,
  3. then click Share Contact and click Truecaller.
  4. You will get the details of the number if it is in the Truecaller database.

Truecaller iPhone

I feel this as the best and easy way to use Truecaller on iPhones. If you are using Truecaller on iPhones and you have any better ways, please share it.

Update : 04-November-2016 08:38 (IST)

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Now after the release of iOS 10, developers are now been given access to the phone API to show information. True caller is now updated to show the caller information like we get on Android and Windows Mobile.

To enable this, you need to go to settings->Phone->Call Blocking and Identification


Under that you will find Truecaller – Enable that

img_0545-2 img_0546-2

Now you should be getting the caller information if the number is not in your contact list.

Update : 15-February-2017 19:03 (IST)

Even now it does not work as expected, You do not get a notification when a call come in, but later you can check

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