Viber Incoming Call Issue – Windows 8 Mobile

I have been using Viber for a long time. Earlier I was using it on my iPhone, then on my Android Device, Galaxy Note, Note 2 and now on Windows Mobile, Nokia Lumia 1520.


The Windows version has a problem, I do not get the incoming call ring, but I get a missed call notification after sometime. There were some updates released during last week, but unfortunately this issue is not resolved. As far as I understand after I went through some online forums, there are many users who are having this very problem, but many are able to get the incoming call notification. I tried almost everything that I read on these forums, but none worked for me.

Some of the things that I tried

  • Re-Installed the software
  • Changed to default settings
  • Disabled battery saver, etc

i hope the developers come up with a solution for this problem.

Update : Now we have a stable version

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