Why does my Smartphone get outdated in 2-3 months?

We see new smartphones being announced almost everyday these days. Today we saw a new Nokia Lumia phone (Nokia Lumia 925) announced. We will see another phone from the Nokia Lumia series (Nokia Lumia 928) coming very soon. It’s good for users to have choice of phones when they decide to change their phone, but there are people who would want to have the latest and the best phone with them. If you are of that kind then you would now have to change your phone every 3 months.

iPhone comes up with a new device atleast once or twice a year, but these Windows Mobile and Android devices are seen popping up every now and then. You get really confused when you have to buy a latest device. I use a Galaxy Note 2 which I purchased when it was released, we now hear about the next version, that is the Galaxy Note 3. I was a Galaxy Note 1 user too, which I hardly used for 8 months. You should be sure to buy a device as soon as it is in the market or you may see that the next version is going to come to the market very soon.


You see big improvements in the hardware, new technologies coming up, new versions of Mobile Operating Systems being released, new applications in the market. I am not complaining about the industry growing very fast, but talking about the life of a device which we can use without getting a feel that we are using an outdated device. The operating systems are upgraded with new features and the hardware have to upgraded. You need more memory, space, etc when you want to upgrade to the latest operating system. Some apps stop working when you decide not to upgrade your operating system and you are forced to change your smartphone.

Looking deeply into the current trends and growth in the smartphone industry, we should tell ourselves that we need to change our smartphone atleast once a year if we want to make use of the latest developments, features, etc. Recently I was thinking of buying a Microsoft Surface Pro, but I hear rumors that there would a new tablet coming soon by Microsoft called the Microsoft Surface Plus and even new version of Windows 8 will also be coming out very soon. If you are planning to buy a iPhone 5, hold on, a new iPhone with new OS, iOS 7 will be soon in the market.

Update : Now I use a iPhone 6s Plus

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