Crossed 1000 Subscribers and 4000 watch hours

90+ videos, 6 months and I have reached the 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours. To be very frank, I was not just aiming to reach this milestone, but to work on improving every next video from the lessons learned, feedback from my friends and visitors. My channel focuses on Travel, Food and Destinations. Traveling […]

How I reached 500 Subscribers organically? YouTube Channel

It has been 4 months since I starting posting videos regularly and working really hard to get my videos viewed by right audience. Why I say right audience is that I did not want to just improve my view numbers, but I wanted my videos to be viewed by people who are really interested in […]

YouTube Channel Branding – Increase Subscribers

YouTube Branding Watermark Subscribe –  If you are a YouTuber or a Vlogger, you should be knowing all about YouTube branding, using your logo watermark on all your videos. When a new viewer views your video, he can hover over the watermark and directly subscribe to your channel. This is not shown to already subscribed […]

How to start a career on YouTube? Tips for new YouTubers

Introduction to career on YouTube History of YouTube Starting a Career on YouTube – YouTube was launched in 2005 as a video hosting platform. Since then, the platform has changed dramatically. Right now, it is one of the vital social media tools and huge marketing provenance. The numbers are mind-boggling with almost five billion videos […]

Tips to Increase Audience Retention above 50%

What is Audience Retention ? YouTube Audience Retention –  In general, how long you can retain a viewer or a visitor till the completion or end of the video or script or play. Suppose its a movie of 2 hours and he leaves after 1 hour then the audience retention is 50% in that particular […]